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Golf Fundraising Ideas to Raise More Dollars at Your Charity Golf Tournament

So, you’ve decided to host a charity golf tournament to raise awareness and money for your cause.  Good choice!  Charity golf tournaments and other types of golf fundraising events can be one of the most lucrative forms of fundraising.  So, now you wonder…how can you make the most of your charity golf tournament?  Here we outline some creative ways for your organization to raise more funds for your cause while ensuring all attendees have a fabulous time!

Charity Golf TournamentTicket Sales & Greens Fees

All golf tournaments typically have a set registration fee, which covers greens fees, golf cart, etc. Make sure to discuss a discounted rate with the hosting course.  This will create a larger profit margin for your organization (meaning more money towards your cause)  They’ll likely accommodate you since you’ll be driving traffic to their course.

Sell lots of tickets! The bigger the crowd, the better you’ll do with your tournament. Promote your fundraising golf tournament with posters at golf stores, your own offices, and other high-traffic, high-visibility locations. Use your newsletter and email lists, as well as sponsor databases to help spread the word. Make registration easy with golf tournament software where golfers can easily register, collect donations, and administrators can manage all event details, golf pairings, etc.


Reach out to the community for event sponsorships. What a great way to start out on the right financial footing. By hosting a large charity golf tournament that draws in businesses and influential community members, selling cash and in-kind sponsorship packages should be easy.

Fundraising Raffle

One way to make great use of your prizes is to host a Fundraising Raffle. Reach out to sponsors and businesses in the local community months before the golf tournament to get a variety of prizes donated. Showcase the items before the tournament starts so people can see the items they could win and sell the raffle tickets before they hit the course. Have raffle ticket sales also available at the awards ceremony following the tournament.

Fundraising Merchandise

If your organization created apparel for the tournament with collared golf shirts, hats, visors, golf balls, etc. (with sponsor logos), this is a great time to sell them! And with an online fundraising software partner like GolfRegistrations & DoJiggy, you can sell branded fundraising t-shirts, hats, water bottles, etc. from your fundraising website. While donors are going to individual participants pledge page to make a donation, they also have the option to purchase merchandise. Not only does branded merchandise help increase awareness for your cause, but a percentage of all sales goes towards the benefiting charity!  And, If you don’t have your own items to sell, see if the course gift shop can set up special pricing for tournament attendees and give a percentage of sales back to your cause.

Cash-bar Golf Cart

A great way to raise additional dollars is by hitting up golfers while they are on the course. The best way to do this is with a fully-stocked cash-bar cart! Load up the back of a golf cart with snacks, ice and cold drinks, and then drive the course and sell your golfers what they want. You may also want to add items like small bottles of sunscreen or hats and visors in case people forgot the essentials. And, don’t forget to send extra raffle tickets, just in case someone is in the “buying mood” after a great drive.


Another way to raise more money on the course is through hosting contests at different holes on the course. Here are some examples:

  • Beat the Pro: For this contest, a “golf pro” is stationed at a par 3 hole. The golf pro will tee off first and then individual players can wager an amount that they can hit closer to the pin than the pro.
  • Pro-for Hire: In this contest, instead of competing against the golf pro, individual players or teams can choose to “hire” the pro to hit their drive on a very difficult hole, which could end up saving them a couple strokes, and could be important in a heated competition.
  • Closest to the Pin: This contest typically takes place on a par-3 hole and the drive(s) that lands closest to the pin wins! A volunteer will inform players that if they’d like to participate, there will be an entry fee of $5-$20, and they will be eligible to win a variety of great prizes such as free golf balls, rounds of golf, gift certificates, golf shirts, etc.

For more golf tournament planning tools, free tempates, and creative golf fundraising ideas visit GolfRegistrations resource center.


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