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Fundraising Ideas for Environmental Events

Increasing awareness and appreciation of the Earth’s natural resources is the core mission of Earth Day. Celebrated on April 22nd, environmental events are brought to the forefront at this special time of year.

environmental events

Environmental clubs and organizations, schools and other non-profits host environmental events to raise money in support of various initiatives that give back to and celebrate Mother Earth on Earth Day. If your organization works on environmental issues, you know that educating your donors about the planet which we share will make them more likely to contribute to your organization and invest in change. Earth Day is the perfect chance to do this, as they are seeing these messages from various sources. But you don’t have to be the Sierra Club to host a fundraising event for the environment.

Earth Day Fundraising Ideas

If you are thinking of hosting a fundraising event in April or around Earth Day, you can easily incorporate an environmental component. Inviting an environmental expert to speak at your walk-a-thon finish line and after party, gala fundraiser or charity golf tournament is a nice idea. You may have several experts within your community, or the ability to contact an environmental nonprofit organization within your region. Another possibility would be to ask a green technology expert or business owner to speak about their work, such as a sustainable architect, biologist or company who provides clean energy products. Businesses and experts are proud to give back on Earth Day and support environmental events throughout the year.

Films are another effective way of educating people at Earth Day events on subjects concerning the environment and conservation. Having a film week and charging an admission fee at your office or a public site could be an added activity to a fundraising event, or a way to attract donors to your donation website.

Environmental Events

School Environmental Fundraising Ideas

Kids are often our best educators. We are all connected to nature – children are especially conscious of their surroundings. Every day they play in our fields, forests and waters without having been pulled away by their careers and responsibilities. Motivating them to engage in activities that raise money for the environment is easy because they live close to the earth, and kids easily motivate adults to give from their hearts. School fundraising activities focused on conservation and environmentalism can be very fun and effective. Children will inherit the earth, and protecting it through fundraising with kids will serve as a powerful marketing message to your donors and sponsors.

Environmental event ideas that offer public education also include selling green products through an online fundraising website. Hosting an fundraising raffle featuring conservation oriented products is one of many winning fundraising ideas for environmental events. Your organization could hold a silent auction, or an online-to live auction event. Products may include items related to solar energy, composting and green building projects, with a full product education through video,  text and photos.  Fundraising websites can manage product sales as well.

Earth Day & Environmental Events Planning

Sponsors and partnerships are key to Earth Day events planning and execution. Non-profit organizations, businesses, schools and governments can work together to raise money and honor Mother Earth all year. Resources and expertise can be shared in reaching your fundraising goals, and lasting relationships can be formed in creating a rich network of support for future projects together. Seeking sponsorship support from those who are allied with your mission is the best place to start, ensuring  that your environmental events will be a success. Earth Day events have the potential to be grand when people work together.

It can be overwhelming to manage special event fundraising and environmental events are no exception. Utilizing great fundraising software with secure online registration and sponsor promotion is a big help. Contact DoJiggy for more information regarding environmental events and how to accomplish your goals year round or in honor of Earth Day. We offer a free trial of our crowdfunding and environmental events software.

DoJiggy Fundraising Software for environmental events

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