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Environmental Cause! – Donation to a Nonprofit

Every year Earth Day falls on April 22nd as a reminder to each of us that we have a job to do in order to conserve our planet.  Whether it’s recycling, biking to work, driving more energy-efficient cars, off-setting your carbon emissions, installing solar panels, or donating to an environmental cause, each of our small contributions help make a difference.
In honor of Mother Earth, DoJiggy would like say “Thanks” to those who “give back” to our planet.

Environmental Cause

This month DoJiggy will make a $250 donation to a non-profit organization with an environmental cause. In order to be considered for the gift, your organization MUST be nominated! Please post nominations our Facebook page.

The more people that nominate you or “Like” the nomination, the better your chance to receive the $250 gift.
* Nominations must be made by 11:59 pm 4/30/12. Announcement will be made on 5/01/12.


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