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Golf MarathonsGolf marathons are a new fundraising concept that extends beyond “just” hosting a charity golf tournament.  Golf marathons allow organizations to increase fundraising dollars raised by having Golf participants commit to raising a certain amount of money through pledges, rather than charging a set registration fee. Ask your golfers to contact friends, colleagues, and family members to solicit donations for their participation in your charity golf tournament. Each golfer can easily raise $500 (or much more) by tapping into their friends and family. Often, the golfer is not charged to play in your fundraising golf tournament if they meet your minimum pledge standards.  And “free golf” is a great incentive for people who like golfing!

How does a Golf Marathon Work?

Golfers register for the golf marathon online with easy-to-use golf marathon software. They can easily join a team or register as an individual.

How does a Golf Marathon WorkNext, they create their own personal fundraising page, which can be customized using personal photos, quotes, goals, etc.  This is a really nice feature for individual golfers as they are able to personalize the fundraiser by sharing photos and telling family and friends about their reason for participating in the golf marathon.  A fundraising website also makes collecting donations much easier.  First, donors can feel “safe” as financial contributions are easily and securely processed online using a preferred payment processor.   Second, golfers can easily send an email to their contacts with a link directly to their fundraising page.  They can also post this link on their social networking sites (ie. Facebook and Twitter) helping to spread the word even further.

Other Fun & Lucrative Ideas for Golf Marathons

If you choose to host a golf marathon, there are many other ideas you can include as part of your fundraising event to raise even more money for your cause.  Organizations can choose to add a fundraising merchandise store to their website.  Here, golfers, sponsors, and donors can purchase t-shirts, hats, water bottles, etc. in support of the cause.  Not only does this help increase awareness for the cause (as people are wearing branded merchandise) but a percentage of each purchase also goes directly towards the benefiting charity.

When hosting a golf marathon there are also plenty of ways to motivate participants.  Since there is not a set registration fee, you can provide incentives to individual golfers to raise more pledges by regarding top teams and participants with prizes and awards. Rosie’s House has achieved great success with its annual golf marathon.  Their tournament website includes a goal thermometer and lists “top performers” right on their home page to help instill motivation.

Hosting a party following the golf tournament is another great way to reward participants by providing food, entertainment, and prizes.  It’s also a great place to recognize sponsors, announce winners and thank them for their achievements, and even consider hosting another money-making event such as a silent auction.  Refer to “post-golf tournament fundraising ideas” for more details.

Start a Golf Marathon Website

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