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Fundraisers for Mothers Day

Mother’s Day is a great time for moms to think about ways that they can have a positive impact on their children. One of the most important jobs of a mother is that of a role model. As mothers teach and model the fine points of fundraising, their children will develop a charitable spirit which has the power to change the world. In this article we share some ideas for fundraisers for mothers day.

Mother Day

Teaching children to have a giving outlook in the face of those who are in need is an important aspect of a mother’s job. Mothers and their children may want to work together by participating in a fundraising campaign in an effort to raise money to feed the hungry, shelter the homeless or provide vital resources to humankind. Mothers can work with their children in creating a fundraising website where they can post family photos and explain their involvement with the fundraiser, and include the goals that they hope to achieve.  This not only teaches children about giving, but also shows the importance of setting objectives and accomplishing goals.

Mothers often manage the fundraising efforts for sporting events in which their kids participate in order to raise funds for equipment, facilities, travel expenses for tournaments and more. The ever present role modeling that mothers provide their children with can shine beautifully as they work together in raising money through sports fundraising initiatives. With each communication, phone call, email and letter written, the tasks of a good fundraiser can be modeled.  They can work together in hosting an afternoon gathering to spread the word about an upcoming charity event, spending time together in choosing photos for their fundraising website or creating fundraising flyers to pass out in the local community.

Mother Day

Schools host fundraisers in kindergarten, grade school, high school and college, and school fundraising campaigns are a great way for mothers to bond with their children at all ages. As new books are needed, computers need upgrading or gyms require rebuilding, the special connection between a mother and child can make for an effective fundraising team. Bring your incredible joint energy to the planning of a walk-a-thon,  or reaching out to your community by hosting a golf-a-thon. Families can engage in a pledge drive together, and motivate one another with fun contests and prizes. Teams that consist of members of varying ages also provide older students with the experience of being role models and teaching to younger peers. A team fundraising campaign also brings many skills to the table as parents and students learn to work together to achieve the goal of making a difference.

Please visit the DoJiggy Fundraising Resource Center for step-by-step guidance on school fundraising, sports fundraising, church fundraising and more.

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