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Walk-a-thon Tools & Tips to Help You Organize a Successful Fundraising Walk

With the busy walk-a-thon season well underway, we thought it would be nice to remind you of the plethora of walk-a-thon fundraiser resources available from DoJiggy to help you organize a successful fundraising Run or Walkathon.

So whether you are a nonprofit organization, school, church, sports team or other community organization hosting a walk-a-thon or other peer-to-peer fundraising event, we hope these helpful hints and tools will assist you in your planning efforts.

Successful Fundraising

How Do I Get Started?

You may be asking how do I organize a walk-a-thon. Well, good question!  The article linked here will help guide you by providing logical steps to help you organize your walk-a-thon from the initial planning phase to pre-event promotions to managing logistics on the day of your walk as well as event follow-through.  Topics include: assembling a leadership team, recruiting walkers and sponsors, promoting your event within the community, and managing your event and collecting donations with walk-a-thon software.

Utilize Walk-a-thon Software

There’s no doubt, your organization needs to go online to effectively promote your walk and raise more money. DoJiggy can help!

Our peer-to-peer software is a complete registration and donation management system for walk-a-thons, School Fun Runs, Dog Walks, and events where individual and team participants solicit and track donations and pledges for your organization. Each of your participants manages their personal fundraising page with includes a fundraising thermometer and social media links, and invites friends and family to support your organization through secure, online donations. Administrators configure registration fees, a minimum fundraising goal for participants, the types of donations accepted and much more in our powerful administration console. Many organizations report raising two to three times more funds by taking their walk-a-thon online with the DoJiggy crowdfunding platform.

Sample Forms and Templates for Walk-a-thon Administrators

With any fundraising event, there are various forms that are useful in helping with your planning efforts.  These templates can be downloaded and customized for your specific event or just used as a reference.

  • Walk-a-thon timeline and planner: An overview of planning details and checklist to help keep you on schedule.
  • Walk-a-thon flyer templates: a great way to promote your event & inform your local community.
  • Sample Press Release for Walk-a-thon: A great way to spread awareness for free is to send out a press release to local media. This article provides guidelines for writing a release, what information to include and a sample download.
  • Walkathon Participant Waiver & Instructions: these forms release your organization from liabilities and provide instructions and guidelines for all participants.

(All of these sample forms are available for download here)

Walk-a-thon Tools & Tips for Participants

With any peer-to-peer fundraising campaign where donations and pledges are collected, a good portion of your success will lie in the success of your individual participants to raise money for your organization.  It’s like having an entire army out there raising awareness and funds for your cause and collecting donations from their individual networks.  So, why not provide them with the tools they need to succeed?

The Participant Fundraising Library was created to specifically assist individuals and team captains in their fundraising efforts.  Items include:

  • Sample donation request letters and thank you letters are great tools to provide for participants.  Whether they copy and paste your sample letter into an email, print and mail it, or use the verbiage as talking points for donation requests over the phone, providing content will help them clearly communicate the mission of your cause to prospective donors and save them time from writing their own copy.
  • Walk-a-thon pledge forms.  If you are using an online fundraising software system for your event, most pledges and donations will be made online.  However, there is no reason to miss out on opportunities where participants may gain exposure to a large audience by physically handing out pledge forms. (i.e. such as a baseball tournament, a family reunion, etc.)
  • Helpful hints: There are a number of guidelines to help participants prepare for the walk-a-thon such as: tips to help them solicit donations, sample timelines to keep them “on-track”, and guidelines to help them have a great event day.
  • What if you are a team captain?  Wouldn’t it be helpful to have some tools to recruit and motivate members of our team? There are also plenty of helpful tips, talking points and sample recruitment letters provided in the participant library.

For more ideas and tools to motivate participants and help them achieve success in their nonprofit crowdfunding efforts, read: Fundraising Tips & Tools for Event Participants. 

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