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Father’s Day Fundraising Ideas

With Father’s Day just around the corner, we thought we ‘d share some great Father’s Day fundraising ideas for non-profit organizations and schools.

Father's Day Fundraising Ideas

Father’s Day is a great time to host a themed fundraising event that creates an opportunity to spend time together as a family and appreciate Dad.  Depending on your mission and what you are trying to raise funds for, here are a few ideas to spark your interest.

  • Organize a fundraiser that provides a great way for the family to spend time together on Father’s Day, such as a family kite-flying contest in park, or a tour of a local museum.
  • How about a Father’s Day walk-a-thon? Gathering family, friends and community members to walk for a worthy cause is not only a great way to raise a lot of money via donations, but also a great way to promote health and wellness throughout the community.
  • Since often families are looking for fun things to do on Father’s Day, perhaps you wish to organize a fundraising block party.  Sell tickets to the event and provide food, drinks, games, entertainment.  If the event is well marketed throughout the community, you may be able to find local businesses to sponsor the event by donating money, food, beverages or various prizes for contests.
  • A great idea for a church fundraiser would be a pancake breakfast.  First and foremost, you’ve already got attendees if the breakfast fundraiser is hosted following Sunday services.  Since Father’s Day always falls on a Sunday, this is a great way for families to celebrate after church.  But don’t limit attendees and donations to your congregation alone, invite members from the community to attend as well.  Charge a small fee for the breakfast, and add a fundraising raffle as an additional way to raise more funds.
  • Hosting a father-daughter dance could be a great school fundraising event or perhaps an event put-on by a cheerleading squad, dance team, softball team, etc.  Similarly a sports team or boy scouts troupe could host a father-son mini golf fundraiser, bowl-a-thon or other fun fundraising event perfect for bonding with Dad.
  • Another idea is to give dad’s a night out without the kids. A charity poker event or a wine tasting fundraiser are both great events that offer the perfect opportunity for this kind of fun.

If it’s too late to plan a fundraising event this year, don’t think there’s nothing you can do.  In honor of Dad, perhaps your family can choose a worthy charity to donate to this Father’s Day, and maybe even make it an annual tradition. After all, fathers are role models for their children and why not set a great example for your children giving back to a worthy cause.

Happy Father’s Day!

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