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Camp Fundraising Ideas

Summer camp fundraising for girls and boys is essential in making their experience a lasting and positive memory.  Fundraising is important in helping families cover the cost for their children to attend camp, and for the development of an enriching camp experience. Activities such as riding horses, traveling to a unique landscape for hiking and exploring, paying for a tennis instructor or hiring an excellent storyteller and writer are made possible with an online fundraising campaign.

Camp FundraisingGetting kids involved in the effort of fundraising for their summer camp can be an additionally fun and educational experience.  Hosting a summer camp fundraiser not only teaches children to become fundraisers, but it also helps them learn to set goals and strive to accomplish them which is a lifelong pursuit.  And it is another way to get them jazzed up about summer camp!

Hosting a walk-a-thon is an adventurous summer camp fundraising idea in which kids could walk to raise funds for developmental activities at their camp.  Children may receive help setting up a personal pledge website from their parents, camp counselors and alumni.  They may also gain experience requesting pledges, promoting the fundraiser, and sending Thank You’s to donors.

Camp FundraisingInstill education as part of your walk-a-thon event by planning resting spots along the route such as a mock wilderness area featuring the habitat which their camp will be held within. Other ideas may include an art museum in which the budding artists could sell their paintings and drawings, and charge and admission fee.  A music tent offering performances by the children for an admission fee would be an opportunity for them to practice their musical instruments ahead and perform live at the event. The dollars raised could go towards your fundraising goal, with the creative ideas being endless based upon the many skills and talents of your children.

An example of an awesome summer camp fundraising idea is the Kieve-Wavus Education online auction website. Their extensive list of auction items is impressive, including mini vacations, jewelry, sporting event tickets, ice cream and pizza that kept their auction fun for kids and adults alike. Even their camp counselors engaged in their fundraising efforts by offering their time to cook and babysit as an auction item. The background photo image of their camp site is a nice website design touch and was easy to do with customized templates available with DoJiggy Auction Software.

In Summary

There are many different types of fundraising events to consider when planning a summer camp fundraising campaign.  Camp fundraising ideas can be virtually anything including charity golf tournaments, online and live auctions, donations websites, pledge drives and general events. To find more information on how to be successful in meeting your fundraising goal you’re welcome to visit our Fundraising Resource Center.

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