Fundraising Ideas

Summer Fundraising Ideas

Summer Fundraising Ideas

Summer is an excellent time of year for hosting a fundraiser.  Along with summer, comes warm weather…a great time to host a walk-a-thon, bike-a-thon, charity golf tournament, fundraising car wash or any type of outdoor fundraising event.  During the summer months, many children are out of school and parents are looking for activities and learning experiences for them.  An online fundraising campaign could be the perfect way to teach children about setting goals and doing something noble for a worthy cause.

Summer Fundraising IdeasSummer fundraising campaigns are appropriate for any group: churches, schools, companies, and nonprofits.  One great idea for a church fundraising campaign would be to host day-camps offering babysitting services for children who are out of school.  Recruit high-school students (also on break), teachers and volunteers from the community to donate their time.  Then charge a daily drop-off fee (i.e. $10-20 per child) and provide games and activities.  Provide a fundraising website that explains daily activities, allows parents to register children online, information for volunteers, and offers an easy way to collect online donations from members of the community.  This is an excellent way to utilize church facilities during the week, and provide a safe environment for children.  It’s also a great way for parents to find affordable childcare for their children during the summer while participating in educational experiences in a social setting.  This also provides an opportunity for church staff to meet members of the community, hopefully allowing them to grow their congregation.

Summer is an opportune time for school fundraising events.  Since children have the summer months off, a fundraiser may be presented as a summer challenge.  Schools can set up a summertime fundraising website.  Participating students create their own individual fundraising page where they may upload personal photos, set goals and track their progress.  During the summer months, children are encouraged to reach out to family, friends, neighbors to solicit pledges (or collect online donations).  At the end of the summer prizes can be awarded to students and classes who raised the most money or had the most creative ways for promoting the fundraiser.  Be sure to have a clear mission of what your fundraising dollars will be used for.  Perhaps its new books and computers, or renovation of the library…as donors will want to know that the money they are donating is going towards a good cause.

Summer is also an excellent time for corporate fundraising events.  Often companies host Summer Fundraising Ideasannual employee appreciation events during summer months.  They may host a company BBQ or beach day.  Why not tie this event to a charity and raise money in support of a worthy cause?  This provides an opportunity for a tax write-off at the end of the year, and it’s also a great way to strengthen loyalty among employees.  Employees “feel good” about working for an organization that gives-back and cares about the environment and people in our world.  Tying a charitable cause to your annual employee party is a great way to keep employees committed to your organization, while hosting a fun event to show your appreciation.

For more creative fundraising ideas, visit our fundraising resource center.

Enjoy Your Summer!


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