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Roots of Development uses DoJiggy

“Thanks to the DoJiggy website our organization, Roots of Development, has been able to substantially increase our annual fundraising goal for our walk/bike event!” Marian Bissonnette, Task Force Master.

Roots of DevelopmentRoots of Development is a non-profit development organization that  helps impoverished communities in Haiti acquire the financial resources and organizational skills they need to manage their own development. Roots promotes an alternative approach to rural development by facilitating a process in which they bring together diverse representatives from a community, listen to their goals, and build on their inherent strengths to complete community-driven projects that foster greater independence.

In order to support the Haitians with their development, the organization hosts an annual  cycling/ walk-a-thon event at E O Smith High School, Mansfield, Ct.

1st finished water project

Below Marian shares her story and experiences with using DoJiggy’s online fundraising software to manage their fundraising event and collect online donations.

“My computer knowledge is basic at best. At first I felt intimidated with the idea of administrating a website. That fear quickly changed once I had a few phone conversations with the staff at DoJiggy. They not only took me through the easy steps in setting up our organizations site, but they include a step by step video as well.  In addition, all questions are answered in an immediate email response.  As the administrator of the event site, I have easy access to update event sponsors or changes in event details. As  people register and donations come in, I receive instant notification through my email.”

“We had been utilizing the DoJiggy web site for two years with increased revenue but tried going with a different fundraising company for the third year. We changed because the other company’s promise seemed worth a try. Never again! Now we know first-hand how truly user friendly our DoJiggy fundraising website is for our participants to utilize.”

“Not only was the DoJiggy website simple for administrators to set-up and manage day-to-day operations.  But, yearly participants were notably happy with the event website, as they find it quick and easy to set up their own personal fundraising pages.  The participants can be as creative or not, as they so choose. The personal pages provide them with the opportunity to upload pictures and write a personal narrative as to why they are participating in the Roots of Development event.  The best part is the ease of which this information can be sent out with a click of a button to their facebook, twitter or friends’ email. Once a participant sets a monetary event goal, a scale registers all donations showing the participant’s success towards their goal.”

“We have tried doing the event on our own, but failed at reaching our goal. Our substantial funding comes from people signing up early, creating a personal goal and sending out their own web page to family members and friends. The first year we used DoJiggy for our professional event web site our profits doubled. The one year we tried using a different web company, we found their promises misleading and our participants found the site so inconvenient that the majority refused to sign up early, donating only what they brought to the event. We lost about 55% of our expected donations the one year we did not go with DoJiggy. Now, that we have returned,  I have the fun and enjoyment of checking my emails and getting a record of current donations as we receive them  months before the actual event!”

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Clean water project in Nan Café, HaitiThis year’s annual bike ride and walk-a-thon event will be held on Sept. 16, 2012, in support of a clean water project in Nan Café, Haiti. The engineer has designed the plans and the Haitians are ready to work together to get this done. All they need is for Roots to provide the resources for funding. The village’s water source serves over 8,000 people and testing has shown the water to be highly toxic, even deadly. With the help and support of donors, fundraising participants, and the labor of the Haitians, Roots of Development hopes to be able to save many lives.


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