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Girl Scout and Boy Scout Fundraising Ideas

The work of our beloved Girl Scout and Boy Scout organizations of America speak for themselves. They are of our most successful and enthusiastic fundraising entities. Effective, online fundraising software designed to help with their continued and incredible success is welcomed.

Girl Scout and Boy Scout

“Be Prepared” is the motto of the Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts. This is an excellent point in undertaking any project and making it a success, and valid when managing an online fundraising campaign. Consider the planning needed for a pledge drive in which Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts create personal fundraising pages, create teams and send emails to friends and family. Starting several months ahead of the event day with flyers, marketing and contacting potential sponsors is central in meeting their fundraising goal. The inventive themes for a pledge drive include a walk-a-thon, bike-a-thon or serve-a-thon. Finding a user-friendly website template which offers support is important in assisting our scouts, their many volunteers and each pledge participant.

Girl Scout and Boy ScoutConservation is a central aspect of the program of the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts of America, and a live event offering educational and entertaining presentations by the scouts can raise money in several ways. Consider the fun of a mini play in which the kids are cast in the roles of our trees, grasslands, clouds and stars telling their guests and donors what they’d like in order to survive. And the good time that could be had by all during an online to live auction promoting conservation products and volunteer time in cleaning up the environment. All of this can be accomplished with one event fundraising website template which offers donors the ability to register, donate, purchase tickets and join in with the online bidding and auction fun. A hike-a-thon is also a way of honoring their important conversation mission, with environmental science resting spots that offer education about our water, lands and the animals that inhabit them.

Fundraising ideas for boy scout and girl scout troops also include charity golf tournaments. Alumna, volunteers and parents of the GSA and BSA have a rich supply of contacts and may consider a golf-a-thon or golf tournament. This can be a multifaceted event with an online auction and used for advertising, marketing, budgeting and payment processing.

Charity pledge drives, fundraising events and golf tournaments involving our cherished Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts are rewarding for everyone, as we all benefit from their superb work. These essential organizations offer so much education to our children in arts and crafts, and a myriad of social and biological sciences, making the discovery of fundraising themes an open canvas awaiting your creativity. To learn more about online fundraising toolkits, planning, budgeting and more you may visit our Fundraising Resource Center.

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