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August is the time to start planning for booster club fundraising as the new school year approaches. Universities, high schools and organizations begin to consider pledge drives, auctions, raffles and events in support of their sports teams and clubs. They are wondering how to meet and exceed their school fundraising goals for the year, and what new ideas and tools might be available to them.

Booster Club FundraisingBike-a-thons, swim-a-thons and walk-a-thons are excellent booster club fundraising ideas because they are fun and get donors involved in several ways. Donors can become active participants by taking pledges, joining in your after party or making general donations with one comprehensive online fundraising website.  Membership fees can be collected and product sales of personalized fundraising merchandise such as sweatshirts decorated with your school mascot can be included in this all-in-one website. The activities for a pledge drive can range from serve-a-thons in which students help the elderly of their community to golf-a-thons involving key booster club members and alumni asking all of their contacts to get involved and support their new generation.

University and high school students may engage in booster club fundraising to pay for educational travel and field trips. Since green technology and environmental education is one of the primary focuses at the collegiate level, a hike-a-thon is an effective fundraising theme aimed at raising funds for travel. An inner city walk-a-thon can include stopping points at your university to view the research being done within your lab, and at areas close-by that need conservation and environmental planning. A hike through a wilderness area in peril or one that has been successfully returned to nature, with college professors educating groups along the way is another great idea. The chance to hear of the cutting edge work of your science department and become further educated on our green movement will entice donors and sponsors to join your cause, and send their friends and family emails to donate to this vital and shared cause.

Booster Club FundraisingOrganizations engaging in booster club fundraising may consider hosting a charity golf tournament or gala event to raise funds for educational development or sports programs for their school. Golf tournament websites that hold the built-in technical infrastructure to manage an online charity auction will assist you in raising more funds through their agility…and for one flat fee. Easily customized templates designed for golf tournaments will do much of the work for you, including a detailed reporting section which tracks your donors, participants and financial tracking.

To receive a hands-on experience of our booster club fundraising software, start a free trial now. A trial website is the actual version of our software and allows you to start planning your fundraising campaign and to make it a success.


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