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Spirit Team Fundraising: Case Study

We’ve got spirit! Yes we do! We’ve got spirit and team fundraising too! A majority of school fundraising events are geared towards generating financial support for various sports programs. Across the nation, school districts have continued to slash budgets, and sports are often the unlucky victims. Booster Clubs have been hard at work seeking ways to raise funds for the steadily increasing costs to the students for sports participation.

Team fundraisingWhen times are tough like this, effective action is necessary, but a positive attitude is key. That’s where the unsung heroes of school sports step in. Cheerleaders and Spirit Lines rally the community around school spirit; the greatest motivating factor in the survival of programs like sports. Spirit line fundraising, unlike most sports that run only by season, is a year long effort. Chandler High Spirit Line in Arizona demonstrates what it takes to fund the untiring effort to fuel the spirit that keeps sports alive in the schools.

The Chandler High Spirit Line is a cheer group consisting of four categories; Freshman Line, Junior Varsity, Varsity and the Co-Ed Competition Team. The high school has top ranking in one of the fastest growing districts in the state. Although they mostly support football and basketball, the spirit line is involved in all aspects of stimulating school spirit. In addition, they partake in social service projects throughout the year. They are a motivating force for school unity and community involvement, but as their work fills the calendar year, the costs add up.

The Chandler High Spirit Line

The Chandler High Spirit LineThe Chandler High Spirit Line has performed well in state competitions, ranking third in 2010 and qualifying last year. The recognition gained through performance competition brings encouraging validation their work that is often taken for granted. With six or seven competitions a year, funding can be a challenge! Uniforms, transportation, clothing orders, choreography, and music are but a few of the many costs to confront. The Chandler Spirit line came up with a great idea: they organized a Charity Golf Tournament and are now in their 4th successful year!

Hosting a Charity Golf Tournament

Chandler High Spirit Line’s charity golf tournament has become their biggest fundraising event, and through online registration and management tools, the fundraising numbers continue to grow. The spirit is generated through the internet in concentric social circles; taking advantage of friends, family, alumni and the student body. The range of support has widened significantly through the years of an increasing online presence, allowing for online donations as well as an easy way to manage the golf tournament participation. With Arizona spouting the title: “the new golf capital of the United States” the spirit line made a popular choice for their event. Last year they raised over $22,000, which narrowly covers their annual budget.

Spirit Lines and Cheer Squads can look to Chandler High as an example of successful Spirit Lineteam fundraising Fundraising. Although a Golf Tournament proved to be the best option for the Arizona group, there are many options available. The diversity offered from online fundraising software services like DoJiggy and GolfRegistrations can allow groups to create fundraising events that are personalized for their school or region. Other squads have organized walk-a-thons, dance-a-thons, online sales drives, benefit cheerleading clinics and online charity auctions. School spirit may abound thanks to the hard work of spirit lines, cheerleading squads and booster clubs, but taking a fundraising online can magnify spirit even more and ensure the sustainability of funding for the teams.

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