Free Class to Help You Run a Successful Online Fundraising Campaign

As we are well aware, in this day and age, implementing some kind of online presence is usually critical to a business’s success.  Similarly, utilizing the tools offered on the Internet (i.e. online fundraising software), can help you create an online presence for your fundraising campaign…helping your non-profit achieve greater results using less resources.

Our friend Joe over at The Fundraising Authority just released a FREE class that covers all the “do’s” and “don’ts” to help you succeed with your online fundraiser.  The class includes an in-depth guide to help you run a successful online fundraising campaign, as well as a podcast with great tips to help you promote your online fundraiser.  

What will you learn in this free class? 

  • You will learn how online fundraising differs from offline fundraising
  • Find out more about the “key principles” of online fundraising for non-profits

Joe also outlines easy-to-follow steps to launch your own online fundraising campaign!  Here’s a preview:

  1. Design a message that’s concise & emotionally compelling and have a concrete goal.
  2. Create a campaign “hub” – the online location where you collect online donations, register participants/sponsors, and host all the info about your fundraiser (i.e. fundraising website)
  3. Put together fundraising evangelists – people who will spread the word about your campaign
  4. Launch your campaign & spread your message – continue to reach out constituents & encourage participants to communicate
  5. Track results & progress of your campaign
  6. Wrap up the campaign & steward your online donors

Be sure to visit The Fundraising Authority to download a copy of the FREE class today!  And be sure to pass along the useful information.