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Advantages of online fundraising for schools

School fundraising takes place every year across the country at every grade level – from elementary school fundraising events to university fundraising campaigns.  Schools need funds for extracurricular programs, educational resources, updated computers, field trips, sports fields, and the list goes on.  What are the Advantages of online fundraising?

Advantages of online fundraising

Although the types of school fundraising activities may not have changed that much over the past decade;  the means of collecting donations and promoting your school fundraiser has.

Why?  Because of the Internet.

Is this something we should be concerned with?  Absolutely not!  The internet is not going away, it’s only being used more and more every day….so our only choice is to EMBRACE IT.

Think about it.  People are on their laptops, i-Pads and smartphones all day long. They shop, book tickets, talk with friends, post pictures…and the list goes on.  This means that students’ pool of donor prospects is so much more accessible than they’ve ever been before.  By sending a text message, email or posting a link on Facebook that directs people to a fundraising website, participants can easy reach out to their friends & family to ask for donations and support with the click of a button.

What are some of the advantages of online fundraising for schools?

Advantages of online fundraising

  • Safe & Easy:  Remember when children used to walk door to door to sell pizzas or candy in order to raise money for their school sports?  With an online fundraising campaign, children no longer have to walk to strangers’ houses to ask for donations.  Think how much time it used to take to walk around the neighborhood and make individual phone calls.  Now students safely and easily collect online donations from the safety of their homes, giving them more time to do the things they want to do. (like homework, right?)
  • Remove borders: Fundraising is no longer restricted to your neighborhood & community!  Online fundraising takes a school fundraising campaign on the world wide web, allowing students to easily collect donations on their fundraising website from all their relatives and friends from afar.
  • It’s Fun and Personal: Kids today love posting pictures online, sharing articles and stories with their friends, updating their Facebook profile, tweeting about a recent adventure, etc.  Online fundraising is another aspect of social networking. Now students can create their own personal fundraising page, upload images and videos, tell their story, track their progress, etc…making the school fundraising campaign much more personal at an individual level.
  • It’s Educational: So how can a school fundraising campaign be educational?  Well, a lot of responsibility is put into each individual participant.  Students are responsible for creating their own personal fundraising page and then sharing this page (promoting the fundraiser) on their own.  Students can set goals and track their progress with a fundraising thermometer, and monitor their achievements amongst fellow students creating some healthy competition.

Summary: School fundraisers can range from hosting a large fundraising event such as a school walk-a-thon, school carnival, or charity golf tournament, to participating in various types of sales-based fundraisers including fundraising discount cards, cookie dough sales, magazine sales, etc. Whatever kind of school fundraiser you decide on, there is a way you can take your campaign online by using an online fundraising software solution to help you easily manage your fundraising event and safely collect online donations.  This will help your school save time, money, and resources…and make raising funds more fun for your students!

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