Bird-a-thon Pledge Fundraising

Bird-a-thons are unique and fun pledge fundraising events that can be used for many audiences, such as schools, nonprofit organizations and businesses fundraising for a cause. They offer your donors and participants an opportunity for an adventurous and educational experience. And there are many key elements in making them a success, year after year.

The Tucson Audubon Society has held an annual bird-a-thon for the past 25 years. Their bird-a-thon runs over a 10 day time period filled with fun, social gatherings at bars and restaurants. They offer several, expert led bird walks, taking donors and participants on walks in natural areas to cite beautiful bird species. This is a friendly competition in which the teams and individuals citing the most wild bird species are awarded with fun prizes at their closing BBQ.

Holding your bird-a-thon pledge fundraising event over 10 days, as in the case of The Tucson Audubon Society, gives you and your donors a chance for mingling and networking. Donors can make general online donations and purchase a ticket for a social gathering if they don’t have time for birding. The ten day schedule allows for extra marketing and advertising opportunities in sending out milestones to your donors, asking them to help you in surpassing your fundraising goals.

Schools can use this model for their school fundraising campaign, and ask teachers or volunteers with knowledge of bird species to guide the walks, making the fundraiser an educational experience for students. Nonprofit organizations may ask birders within their community to be their experts, and form lasting partnerships to help each other with fundraising. Many people are interested in birding and have much knowledge regarding bird species as they pay attention to these beautiful creatures every day – experts are everywhere.

The Golden Gate Audubon Society focused their 2012  bird-a-thon on helping kids. The education involved in birding is great: citing various species, learning about their habitat and what needs to occur in maintaining their environment. Becoming conscious of the science and beauty around us at an early age is priceless, and at any age. The Golden Gate Audubon Society has birding scorecards on their fundraising website for their participants to download. They offer a great experience for anyone interested in birding whether participating as an individual or joining a team.

There is an organization in northern Minnesota who is just getting started with their bird-a-thon website, Friends of Sax-zimBog. Their bird-a-thon pledge fundraising event will be held this coming January. They’re hoping for a high temperature of 20 degrees below zero for their brrrrrdathon. Check out their great website in its preliminary stages.

DoJiggy offers various walk-a-thon resources and pledge software to help you plan and manage any “a-thon” themed event, such as a bird-a-thon.  The 14 day free trial will help you in getting started with your bird-a-thon pledge fundraising website, or any other type of event such as charity golf tournament or auction.