Gymnastics Fundraising Events Promote Individual and Team Goals

Gymnastics has evolved since the time of the Ancient Greeks to become one of the most popular sports in the world. There are countless gymnastics teams in schools, community centers, and private training centers across the globe. It is a sport that can support agility in development, and many children start classes at a young age. However, once the intent to seriously train in gymnastics is presented, a strict regimen can ensue. Gymnasts need to think about uniforms, competition travel, and outside training tactics and clubs need to invest in state of the art equipment and expert coaching. One way teams can offset these mounting costs is by organizing fundraising events. Gymnastics fundraising events are a fulfilling experience that can bond team members and acknowledge individual achievement.

With the popularity of gymnastics, teams can appeal to a broad public for support. With so many children and young people fascinated by the gymnastic arena, older and more serious students could consider organizing summer gymnastic camps.  School gymnastics teams can promote their abilities by hosting a school fundraising event where dollars are earned through tickets sales, and the team entertains parents and peers with performances.  Seasons often provide the motivation for fundraising and events hosted around the holidays, like a banquet or gala fundraising event, are also common tactics. With any event, additional revenue can be earned by hosting a silent charity auction or offering door prizes through a fundraising raffle.
Perhaps the best type of fundraiser for gymnastic teams, however, are events in which individual members generate donations but the team still realizes a collective goal.  By using online fundraising software, teams can create a fundraising event for just that purpose.  Pledge fundraising software allows each team member to create a personal fundraising page. Individuals can cast a net out to family and friends to pull in donations and the pledges are tallied on a homepage fundraising thermometer. The use of social media accelerates and expands the fundraising efforts to exponential proportions.

Remember, creativity is the key to fundraising success.  If your gymnastics team is interested in hosting a team fundraising event where pledges are collected, consider creating a customized “a-thon” fundraising event. Here are a few examples:

  • Tumble-a-thon: Gymnasts have one minute to do as many forward rolls across the floor mat  as possible. Donors can pledge a designated amount or an amount per roll. It’s a great event that involves both the coaches and the team.
  • Flip-a-thon: Gymnasts do as many flips as possible within a set time frame. Individuals can set their goal on their personal fundraising page and report their success after the event.
  • Cartwheel-a-thon: Coaches can allow gymnasts to take time out of regular practice to do as many cart wheels as they can in a determined amount of minutes. The activity not only serves as a creative and fun event, but it is exercise as well!

Not all fundraising events need to be directed toward the team members as the sole participants. Gymnastics teams may want to include friends and families to participate in their fundraising event as well. Walk-a-thons, Run-a-thons, Hike-a-thons and Bike-a-thons are popular events that bond the community to support the team while promoting health and fitness for all.

Whether a gymnastics team is compiled of Olympic hopefuls, or students interested in the sport, gymnastics fundraising events are an integral part of team success and individual possibilities.