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Fall Fundraising Ideas for Schools

Autumn is a great time for hosting a school fundraising campaign.  And with so many different fall fundraising ideas, your school should have no problem finding something to engage parents, faculty, and students in an effort to raise funds for your school.

fall fundraising ideasOne reason a fall fundraiser is so great for a school fundraising campaign is because of the excitement stirring during this time of year.  Students are just getting back in the swing of things after the summer months, so why not put their energy to positive use!


Below are just a few fun fall fundraising ideas that would be perfect for schools.

  • Homecoming is a huge event and provides an excellent opportunity for a high school fundraising campaign.  Consider hosting a pancake breakfast fundraiser the morning before the big homecoming football game and dance.  Or take advantage of the other events that are happening throughout the weekend (i.e. school pep rally, football game, homecoming parade, etc.) and host a fundraising raffle as part of the event.
  • Many sports teams, academic groups and social organizations are getting geared up to for the activities of the school year and are looking to raise money for equipment, materials, travel, competitions and more.  With the cool weather, Fall is a perfect time to host a school walk-a-thon.  Not only is a walk-a-thon a great event for team bonding, but its also a great way for students to engage with teachers, parents and members of the community.  When hosting a walk-a-thon (or any other pledge event) students can also benefit from using pledge software for schools.  Students have a great time creating their own personal fundraising page and learning how to promote and manage their fundraiser online.
  • As October 31st approaches, any grade level can consider hosting a Halloween fundraiser to raise money for your school. Whether it’s a pumpkin patch fundraiser, a school haunted house, or a costume party, this time of year provides a fun excuse for hosting a spooky fundraising event.


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