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Pledge Fundraising Event – Hike for Aha!

The Academy of Healing Arts (AHA!) is holding a pledge event to support their innovative, experiential curriculum which guides teens to set goals, stop bullying and hatred. “It lends invaluable skills for understanding and managing emotions and relationships. From this place of security in themselves, teens are inspired to do good, achieve in school and serve their community.” Hike for Aha! will commence on December 1 for a scenic hike at Montecito’s Romero Canyon in Santa Barbara.

Hike for Aha!

The fundraising goal for Hike for Aha! is $60,000. Their choice of a peer to peer fundraising event is smart in that each individual fundraiser will reach out to their friends, family and co-workers to help them meet their goal. Not only will they utilize their Hike for Aha! fundraising website for advertising, but Facebook will broaden their base. Social networking sites such as Facebook allow users to share events and interests within their individual networks, spreading the word to donors to make pledges to the Hike for Aha! fundraising website.

The special incentive Hike for Aha! is offering is a free pair of hiking shoes for the first 60 pledge participants who raise $1000. The shoes are provided by one of their sponsors, Deckers Inc. Choosing a prize that is appealing to the group involved is certain to increase the potential success of an event. The after party for this beautiful hike through Montecito’s Romero Canyon will be a celebration for all. Everyone is a winner who contributes to such an important cause as theirs. “Our aim is to create a community of socially and emotionally intelligent adolescents who are committed to compassion, character, positive creative expression, and the celebration of diversity.”

Hike for Aha

The funds raised during their pledge event and through general online donations throughout the year will support The Academy of Healing Arts programs. AHA! serves teens and families year-round with after-school programs, a summer program and in-school programs. They offer an outdoor program throughout the year, groups for parents, and donation-only therapy for families in need.

To offset the costs required to produce a pledge event and increase the fundraising dollars you may be considering fundraising walk sponsorships. Corporate or community sponsors fulfill a critical role in any successful walkathon or fundraising event through financial contributions and help to increase awareness for your event. For guidelines to help you find sponsors for your fundraising event and other free templates and resources you may visit our Fundraising Resource Center.

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