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Political Fundraising Ideas

Political FundraisingPolitical fundraising was everywhere during 2012 with the presidential election.  People across the country were overwhelmed with messages from aggressive political ads & mudslinging to constant requests to support political fundraising campaigns with donations.  By the time November 6th arrived, most of us were tired of these messages, solicitations, etc.

But, the important thing to keep in mind is that we are a democracy, and we are lucky to have the ability to vote for our leadership.

And, in order for us to vote, candidates need to be able to tell us about their mission & goals, the issues they support, and how they are different than their opponents.   Therefore, running a successful political fundraising campaign costs money. From campaign signs, ads, websites, campaign staff, and travel expenses so candidates can visit local communities and spread their message… fundraising is a necessity.

Online Fundraising for your Political Campaign

Luckily, online fundraising software has made it easier on candidates and donors.  Volunteers working on a political fundraising campaign are able to reach the masses faster by spreading messages through social networks and email campaigns.  This also saves them money from traditional forms of fundraising such as mailing letters (cost of postage) or making personal phone calls (cost of labor).  By setting up a fundraising website, you’ve now created a central HUB for your political campaign.  Here you can post more information about your stand on important issues, share quotes and comments from supporters, post videos of recent debates, and provide detailed information about the goals and objectives of your campaign.  In addition, online fundraising provides an immediate sense of gratification for donors, as they are able to safely and securely make online donations via credit card, saving them time and money.

Creative Political Fundraising Ideas:

When it comes to choosing your political fundraiser, your team may have a hard time thinking outside the box. Because in politics there are rules, laws and many boundaries that can’t be crossed.  But that doesn’t mean you can’t create a political fundraising campaign that is unique.  It may even help differentiate you from other candidates.

  • Host a Political Walk-a-thon: Walk for the Country (or your town or community) – Walk-a-thons have proven to be great fundraising events for nonprofits, so why not for your political campaign?  Walk-a-thons provide an opportunity for candidates to engage with the local community and media.  They also provide an opportunity for people to participate.  Enroll individuals to support your campaign by setting up a personal pledge page and requesting online donations from family and friends.  Participants can be creative by posting pictures, statements about why they support you as a leader, and more.
  • Money Bombs:  Money bombs are focused fundraising events that bring in money for a specific cause in a short amount of time.  Example: We need to raise $2000 for campaign signs by next Wednesday.  Promote the event for a few weeks in advance and provide an option for people to make an online donation on your political fundraising website.  An event like this creates a more tangible goal.  People may be more willing to contribute if they know exactly what the money is going towards rather than just pitching in $50 towards your overall campaign.
  • Fundraising Auction: Often political candidates may have celebrities willing to provide endorsements and talk about why they support your policies, beliefs, etc.  Why not ask these celebrities to donate something tangible for  a fundraising auction to raise money in support of your campaign?  Perhaps it’s an autographed baseball by a local sports here, or a chance to win tickets to an upcoming concert and meet a famous local singer. A fundraising auction has great potential to bring in a lot of funds by people making high-dollar bids on unique “one-of-a-kind” items.  It also provides value to donors, as they aren’t just making a financial donation, but they are purchasing something for a worthy cause.  Politicians can do this very cost-effectively by hosting an online charity auction, where all items up for bid are showcased on a website along with descriptions, max bid, “buy now” options, and more.


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