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Online Auction Fundraising – 21 Days of Cheer

The Easton Learning Foundation (ELF) is hosting an online holiday auction, 21 Days of Cheer. Founded in 2004, the Easton Learning Foundation (ELF) is an independent 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to enriching Easton’s commitment to quality education.  Partnering with the local district, the Foundation strives to secure financial and human resources for innovative educational projects and programs that fall outside of the school budget.

Easton Learning Foundation (ELF) 21 Days of Cheer

21 Days of Cheer is open for auction bidding from November 21 through Dec 11, 2012. The auction items include college admissions counseling, computer programming classes, college brainstorming planning sessions and a competitive basketball game vs. Helen Kelly Middle School faculty. The commitment of the Easton Learning Foundation to enrich the members and students of their community is reflected in these unique items and their overall fundraising efforts. Their focus of holiday cheer shines brightly within their auction website photos and their playful auction items to enjoy during this festive time of year.

Of particular note on the 21 Days of Cheer fundraising website is their work with sponsors who donated items. It is amazing the number of quality sponsors they have found within their community – a surgeon offering the educational experience of observing a surgery, a dentist offering Invisiline/clear braces, a teacher offering assistance with college application essay writing, and a musician offering a jam session. The partnerships that ELF has created within their community through this online charity auction will provide lasting support in keeping their mission strong. Additionally, they have created partnerships with their school district, PTA, and the Redding Education Foundation. All of these relationships will greatly add to the success of their fundraising efforts.

The funds raised during 21 Days of Cheer will directly support Easton’s schools and their children. “By providing excellent tools, opportunities, training and support, Easton will attract and retain the most talented teachers. The Foundation will play an instrumental role in achieving this reputation by funding exciting and innovative grants and providing money to allow faculty access to state of the art, cutting edge technology and continued professional development opportunities.”

The funds raised during 21 Days of Cheer

Whether you’re planning a school fundraising event during the holidays or anytime there are many options to consider from online auctions (such as this) to charity golf tournaments to school walk-a-thons. Please visit our School Fundraising Resources page for more ideas and online fundraising tools.

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