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Capturing December’s Giving Trend

Everyone in non-profit development knows that year-end giving is important, right? But how do you position your organization to take advantage December’s giving trend and year-end gifts?

A Net for Good Online Giving Study shows that December donors tend to give 52 percent more than donors in other months and 33 percent of the year’s donations are collected in December. The study says, “December is the strongest month for most organizations offline. It’s even more so online. Further, it’s not just the month of December that’s spectacular, it’s the last couple of days, and even last few hours that make the difference.”  So, how should organizations go about capturing December’s giving trend? This is a trending topic this time of year as nonprofits are creating strategies to collect as many year end dollars as they can. Here’s what nonprofit professionals suggest.

December's giving trend

Make Giving Easy

Don’t hide the call-to-donate button on your fundraising website. Keep it visible and easy-to-find. Donors shouldn’t have to search for the donation page, whether coming from social media or a year-end giving letter.

Keep it Seasonal

Build fundraising campaigns around the season. Seasonality is attractive to prospective donors. Read more on Seasonal and holiday fundraising ideas

Create a Sense of Urgency

Consider adding an end-date (December 31 works) to your year-end appeal. This doesn’t mean you cannot collect once that date has passed, but it will stir a sense of urgency.

Encourage Supporters to Ask for Donations Instead of Gifts

Consider asking existing supporters to ask for donations to your organization rather than gifts as holiday presents.

Build a Campaign Around Gratitude

Be sure you’re publicly thanking supporters–include multimedia. Thanking supporters demonstrates gratuity and can encourage prospective donors to get on board.

Don’t Ignore the Last Week of the Year

A majority of December’s donations come in the last couple days of the month; don’t give up in the last week because it’s between two holidays. People are more likely to give in this window.

Emphasize the Tax Benefits

April 15th isn’t that far away. Remind donors of the tax benefits of giving. Now’s the time to get them before the fiscal year ends.

These are, of course, only a handful of last-minute strategies to focus on to up the ante on your nonprofit’s year-end fundraising campaigns. If you’re a nonprofit professional who’s focused on fundraising campaigns, what have you found to be successful to encourage end-of-year giving from supporters? Perhaps online fundraising software has made it easy for you to reach your constituents and raise funds quickly in these last few days of the year. Please leave your insights below.

For more specific suggestions for holiday fundraising read “Bringing in the New Year” on the Software Advice blog. The original story is here.

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