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Hydrex Philanthropic, a division of Peter Beaton, Inc., hosted a pledge fundraising drive from November 23 through December 24 to bring water suitable for human consumption to under-served communities in Africa where lack of access to clean drinking water is a crisis. In a world of 7 billion people, 884 million of them lack access to a clean, safe water source. Their fundraising website,“Your Money Has Power. Spend it Making a World of Difference”, has raised $58K+ thus far, and today is the last day to contribute.  (in case you are looking for a way to give back this holiday season)

Pledge Fundraising

With just under $2K to go to meet her fundraising goal of $60,000, Darcy Creech is already looking forward to seeing the water well in Kenya which these funds will build. Her trip is planned for March, and in addition to the water well planned for the residents of Kiio Kenya, she’ll visit the well that her 2011 pledge event funded in Olkolili Tanzania. Access to clean drinking water has transformed this once hopeless community into a self-sustaining community that is now leveraging its new resource to rise out of extreme poverty.

A recent DoJiggy online fundraising software upgrade that was most appreciated by Darcy was that, regardless of whether someone was making a general donation or a making product purchase, each contribution reflected an increase on the fundraising thermometer on her homepage. Seeing how every bit of activity helped them get closer to their goal was inspiring to both donors and participants alike. Darcy Is looking forward to next year’s pledge fundraising website upgrades of which will include an iPhone and IPad mobile version so that her guests can view her site and make donations with the convenience of their mobile devices.

‘The bottom line is that DoJiggy has enabled an ordinary citizen like me to make an extraordinary impact on the world. The entry cost for setting up a fundraising campaign was minimal ($449), the support is fantastic, and the DoJiggy team has been open and receptive to tweaking their product to make it fit my specific needs. Thank you DoJiggy for giving me the tools I need to ‘make a world of difference!’

The power of online fundraising software is increasing as technology moves forward, and its impact upon the world far-reaching. Find out more about the online fundraising tools available to meet your specific needs.

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