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International Women’s Day Fundraising Events

Today is International Women’s Day which celebrates respect, appreciation and love towards women, and their economic, political and social achievements. The struggles of women worldwide are brought out and examined in a positive manner through political and social awareness, and online fundraising events are an important aspect of this cause.

International Women's Day

A walk-a-thon is held annually by Domestic Abuse Service Oxford (DASO) to take action against sexual violence. The Walk a Mile in Her Shoes pledge event has raised thousands of dollars and each year sets their fundraising goal higher. Participants set their own personal goal and show their commitment to building a safe, healthy, violence-free community by creating an individual fundraising page to send to their friends, family and co-workers and post on Facebook. Their passion is generated with their own mission statement, photos, videos and thank you notes on their pledge fundraising website. “You know the saying, “You can’t truly understand someone until you have walked a mile in their shoes?” Walk a Mile in Her Shoes asks men to actually walk one mile in high heeled shoes!”

The Feb-U-Hairy pledge event was just held last month which Planned Parenthood hosts each year to help raise awareness and funds in support of cervical health. “By taking part in Feb-U-Hairy you will be supporting cervical screenings (Pap tests) and ongoing sexual health education programs!” This annual walk-a-thon fundraising event generates great fun and humor each year in supporting a serious cause. “Don’t shave for the month of Feb-U-Hairy.  Or, for those who don’t shave on a regular basis, challenge yourself to shave your legs once your goal is reached.”  They encourage their pledge participants to post photos on Facebook of their hairy legs, and create fundraising teams and team pages on Facebook to spread the word, have fun and raise more funds as a result.

New Life Home for Women and Girls is a residential drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility who holds an annual charity golf tournament to help in funding their center. “It isn’t about just getting sober or clean, it’s about having a New Life. This unique heart and aspect of the home is what drives our women to succeed in life, even though everyone who knows them has often given up.” The New Life Home for Women and Children Annual Golf Tournament utilizes a golf tournament website to manage a full day of activities including registrations and sales for a breakfast, luncheon, and sponsorship packages. Their donors look forward to this event each autumn, with everyone joining together in helping to create better lives for women.

Fundraising events hold a powerful presence during International Women’s Day, Memorial Day and many other important times in which we honor causes and struggles of others in a celebratory fashion. We join together with empathy, walk in the shoes of others and raise funds through pledge events, walk-a-thons and charity golf tournaments. Find more information on online fundraising software and free fundraising resources.

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