Personal Fundraising Websites

Is your organization hosting a walk-a-thon or pledge fundraising event where individuals are soliciting pledges to raise money for your cause?  If so, it’s important to recognize that the success of your fundraising campaign lies in the success of these participants.  These are the people who are out there spreading the word and requesting donations to support your cause.  Your organization can help individuals succeed with by providing tools for them to personalize their fundraising campaign.

Personal fundraising websites give each individual an opportunity to make an emotional appeal in order to explain WHY he or she chose to get involved.  These personal stories help create a connection from the individual to the “cause” as well as from a potential donor to the individual.  This could likely become the reason the donor chooses to make a donation.

Implementing DoJiggy’s online fundraising software to manage your fundraising campaign provides participants with the ability to easily create multimedia personalized fundraising pages.  Here they can upload photos and videos, make personal statements and safely collect online donations.  They can also manage communications to donors through personalized email donation request and thank you letters. These fundraising sites provide sharing widgets so visitors can share the link on Facebook or Twitter to spread the word and drive more traffic to the fundraising website.

The personal fundraising sites are not only easy for participants to create and manage, but are simple for potential donors to make safe online donations and learn more about an upcoming fundraiser. These fundraising sites provide an opportunity for engagement by featuring rotating quotes from supporters in order to create a feeling of community and shared sense of purpose.  Participants may also choose to post links on their webpage to further inform about the cause. If interested, supporters can learn more about the community they’ll be serving, watch videos posted on YouTube, link to relevant articles, or visit a personal blog where participants may document their experiences and share photo albums of their journey.

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