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Sponsoring a fundraising Event

One of the best ways to raise money for your fundraiser is by selling fundraising event sponsorships.  Sponsoring a fundraising event is an excellent way for companies to gain exposure to members of their community, while showing they care by contributing to a worthy cause.

Sponsoring a fundraising event

Examples of VALUE Companies Will Receive from Sponsoring Your Fundraiser:

So, what does your nonprofit, school or church need to know about soliciting sponsorships for your fundraiser?  There are many important considerations, which can be reviewed in greater detail in this webinar, “How to Get Sponsors to Support Your Fundraiser“.  However, this article will discuss one critical detail in attracting potential sponsors…which is attaching VALUE to their sponsorship package.  By quantifying the value they will receive from their sponsorship, businesses may be more inclined to come on board!

  1. Demographics – Show potential sponsors who you are reaching at your fundraising event, and demonstrate that this is the same demographic that is interested in their product or service
  2. Exposure Over Time – Show them that their sponsorship has longevity.  It’s not just a one-day event.  Demonstrate the exposure they will receive during the months of promotion leading up to and after the event.
  3. Media Coverage – Include media exposure, mention in press releases, articles written about the event, listings on event calendars, etc.
  4. Advertising – do you intend to purchase advertising for your event? if so, will sponsors be included in ads, in event flyers, etc.
  5. Online Exposure – Demonstrate what you intend to do to feature them on your fundraising website and drive traffic to their website (email blasts, links on website, social networking call-outs)
  6. On-site Promotion – What opportunities do they have for exposure on-site?  Signage and logo opportunities?  Do they have an opportunity to physically interact with event attendees?  Will they have a display table on-site?  Are they a company that would be interested in sampling?

Impressions Means Value

Don’t just explain the value they will receive, but quantify it.  How much value is actually associated with each line item, and then total the amount so they have a tangible example of the total value they will receive for their investment.

Signage – Value $500
Website Promotion – Value $1500
Email Blast– Value $1000
Onsite Tent Display – Value $2000

SPONSOR COST:  $2,500  (choose a selling price LESS THAN the estimated value so they feel like they are getting a great deal!)

In Summary

Whatever fundraising initiative your nonprofit chooses to host, there are plenty of opportunities for soliciting sponsorships.  Walk-a-thons can often attract thousands of people from the local community. This is a great opportunity for a local business to get in front of this crowd. Similarly a charity golf tournament may attract a more affluent audience that appeals to a business selling premium goods.  And so on… Lastly, bringing sponsors on-board for your fundraising event not only brings in additional funds, but also additional resources to help you further extend the reach of your online fundraising campaign.

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