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Golf Marathons-Online Marketing and Outreach

Golf marathons have become a popular fundraising event for corporations, schools, churches, and community organizations. Traditional charity golf tournaments are transformed by these dynamic events, more fun is had by donors and participants, and the avenues for outreach are greater with the capacity for being more profitable as a result.

Golf Marathons

Golf marathon participants use pledge fundraising software to register and create teams. Each participant has their own personal fundraising page in which they add photos, videos and mission statements. Each team creates a team page showing its members and fundraising goal on their golf marathon website. Some of the most successful teams and individuals create a designated Facebook page and invite friends to gatherings before and after the golf marathon, and keep spirits high by posting photos. The energy created by social media and fun outings is an effective charity event strategy, as it motivates donors to join the fun activities and be a part of the cause.

One of the important factors of the success of a golf marathon lies in the outreach organizations do within their community. Reaching out to your local news and radio stations for coverage and interviews can make a real difference in spreading the word. They may be interested in creating a video for you to show on your golf tournament website. Creating a partnership with your local newspaper by asking them to do print ads in their publication is another great idea. The benefits for them are reflected in how this builds their reputation within your community as an agent of change.

Another important outreach mechanism involves forming partnerships with businesses within your community who will sponsor your golf marathon. Keeping in close contact with your sponsors through an email list within your charity golf tournament website is helpful in sending out acknowledgements, thank you notes, and milestones as you meet and exceed your fundraising goal. Local businesses who believe in your cause may account for a sizable portion of your total funds raised, and may be interested in matching donations as a special incentive to your donors. The advertising and tax benefits they receive in turn make this a win-win partnership. Learn more about fundraising event sponsorships!

Marketing your event is an important process. Good online visibility raises participation, and in turn helps bring more dollars to your cause. To simplify this process GolfRegistrations provides golf tournament software to help organizations plan and manage their charity golf tournaments and golf marathons. In addition, GolfRegistrations also provides FREE golf tournament planning guidelines, tools, and templates including: tournament check-lists, a sample golf tournament budget, golf tournament flyers, numerous golf fundraising ideas and more.

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