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Importance of Mobile Giving for Fundraising

Are you currently planning an online fundraising campaign for your nonprofit, school, church or community organization?  If so, you may want to consider integrating mobile giving as part of your strategy.

Mobile Giving

WHY?  Research shows that by 2014 mobile device usage will exceed that of desktop and laptop computers. What does this mean for your online fundraising campaign? In order to keep participants, sponsors, and supporters continually engaged, your organization should consider what tools you can offer so your fundraiser is accessible 24/7 through mobile devices.

We have a fundraising website…is that the same thing?

Most savvy organizations now use online fundraising software so they may have dedicated fundraising website where they share information about the fundraiser, specific event details such as date, time, place, safely process online donations, and track overall fundraising progress. Participants also use the fundraising website to easily register and create personal fundraising pages where they post photos and videos, personal goals, and accept online donations.  The website also provides tools for sponsors to make payments and upload logos, as well as offers people the ability to purchase fundraising merchandise through an online store.

So, now to answer your question…Yes, by having a fundraising website, your constituents can go online from their computers to learn about your fundraiser and make online donations.  However, if they access your fundraising website from their mobile devices… the experience may not be user-friendly.  Why?  If your website it not optimized for mobile usage, it may be hard to navigate, difficult for people to read due to small font-sizes, and hard to interact as design features are not made for touch-screen use. (** Keep your eyes out for more details about DoJiggy’s mobile fundraising websites…coming soon!)

In Summary, if you haven’t considered mobile giving as part of your upcoming fundraiser, perhaps now is the time to start planning for future fundraising campaigns.

Benefits of a Mobile Giving Campaign

  • Integrating mobile giving as part of your campaign shows your constituents that your  organization is “tech savvy” and responding to current trends.
  • Mobile giving allows you to reach constituents more frequently by engaging with them at any time, from any place
  • Participants can share personal fundraising pages, check status of their donations and post notifications from their mobile device
  • Donors can easily make an online donation with a credit card using a mobile optimized screen to help them enter data.
  • Sponsors, volunteers, media and any other community members can access your website at any time and from anywhere to learn more about the fundraiser & help spread the word!
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