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How Can Golf Tournament Software Increase Efficiency?

How can charity golf tournament software help your organization be more efficient with its resources, while raising more money?

Golf Tournament SoftwareWith golf tournament software, organizing a charity golf tournament is streamlined and managed within one golf tournament website.  Event planners easily create a custom tournament website using a pre-designed fundraising website template where logos and color schemes are selected to match your organization’s brand standards.  This website becomes the hub for your golf tournament planning.  Here golfers and sponsors register for the event and make payments online. Donors can learn about the cause and make safe & secure online donations.  Administrators use information collected to generate reports send out email communications to participants and sponsors.

With golf tournament software, your organization creates a more positive experience for golfers, sponsors, your constituents and the general community.

Make it Fun & Easy for Golfers

  • Golfers easily register as an individual or a team captain and collect online donations
  • Golfers may also create their own personal fundraising page to create an emotional connection to the cause (if part of a golf-a-thon or golf marathon event)
  • Golfers can easily promote the event by sharing the golf tournament website on social networking sites and sending an email link to family and friends.

Provide Management Tools for Administrators

  • Tournament directors schedule pairings, tee-times, and manage communications to golfers
  • Administrators track progress of each individual and/or team in order to highlight top-performers and motivate participants
  • Event planners may also generate numerous reports directly from the system for future planning

Engage Sponsors and Donors

  • Sponsors and donors can engage directly with your organization at a time that’s convenient for them directly from your golf tournament website.
  • Donors can visit the website to learn about the cause, find out details about the event, and safely make online donations
  • Sponsors can review different benefits of sponsor packages online and select the sponsorship level that’s right for their business.  They can also make comments, payments, and upload logos.

Make it Easy to Get Your Local Community Involved

  • Community members can learn about the event and choose to sign-up or make online donations
  • The general public can visit the associated online charity auction website to bid on items and have a chance to win even if they are unable to attend the physical golf tournament
  • Local media can learn about the cause, retrieve contact information and pull images, quotes, etc. for articles

As you can see, all of these streamlined operations allow your organization to save time and resources.  Administrators no longer have to manually enter data, manage money, and reach out to participants and sponsors via one-to-one communications.  Golf participants no longer have to fill out loads of paperwork and go door-to-door to gain support. Your golf tournament website and software package does all of this for you!

See what golf tournament software is right for you with a FREE TRIAL!

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