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Sports Fundraising: Teaching Valuable Lessons

Many schools and community organizations participate in sports fundraising initiatives to help provide funding for sports. Whether raising funds for new equipment, team uniforms, or travel funds for competitions, sports fundraising campaigns do more than just raise money…they provide educational, rewarding, and fun experiences for team members, parents, and community members!

Sports Fundraising
Sports Fundraising is educational, fun and rewarding!

Important Points to Remember with Sports Fundraising

  • Sports fundraising is educational: By hosting a team fundraising event, you are teaching players about community service and being part of something larger than themselves. They learn about setting goals, working with coaches, parents, volunteers, and team members to accomplish goals, they practice sales and presentation skills, and gain confidence in their accomplishments.
  • Choosing the right type of fundraising event can motivate team members:  Children participate in sports because they love the game, enjoy being with friends and benefit from developing their skills. Create a fundraising campaign that they will love because it ties into their sport. Ideas include a “hit-a-thon” for a baseball fundraiser, a mini-golf fundraiser for a golf team, or a Gymnastics Marathon for the gymnastics team. A walk-a-thon or Fun Run is great for any sport as it encourages fitness and team bonding.
  • Make the fundraiser easy & personable with online fundraising software: Today kids of all ages engage online: from emailing friends, updating Facebook pages, watching funny videos, and learning though online educational programs. With online tools, kids practice their computer skills by creating their own personal fundraising pages.  Here they can upload photos, quotes, and explain more about the cause of the fundraising as well as set goals. This helps them feel more connected to the cause while having fun expressing themselves & sharing their pages.

Let’s Get Started

Be sure to check out our sports fundraising resources for additional sports, team or school fundraising ideas; as well as guidelines, tools and free templates to help you plan and manage a successful fundraising event. Best of luck!

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