School Fundraising Ideas – Winter Faith Shelter Walk-a-thon

When high schools participate in an annual school walk-a-thon to help homeless people in their community, the very heart of fundraising is defined. Two high schools in San Francisco have formed teams of students who walk to raise funds to shelter the homeless. To give is to receive the joy created by this act alone. And the learning experience of being involved in a community organized walk-a-thon will generate greater awareness for students as they approach their high school fundraising initiatives.


The San Francisco Interfaith Council’s Winter Faith Shelter Walk is held come rain or shine each April to raise funds for the extra needs of homeless people in the winter months. The Archbishop Riordan High School and Stuart Hall HS used online fundraising software to help in managing the event. Each school formed teams of students and designed individualized team fundraising pages with photos, videos and mission statements. Their team pages were sent to friends, family, and every contact within their community. The range of support was broadened by Facebook and other social media networks as these high school fundraising teams advertised this dynamic pledge event.

A community based fundraising model is an awesome high school fundraising idea, as joining forces in embracing issues affecting all, education funding included, strengthens efforts towards success. The SF Winter Faith Shelter Walk also includes teams of 8 churches involved in this community effort. In addition to the money raised through the walk-a-thon each high school and church are introduced to a new network of community minded people within their city, and learn new skills to bring to their organization’s fundraising campaigns.

“The San Francisco Interfaith Council has for 20 years brought people of different faith traditions together, bringing spiritual comfort at times of crisis, building understanding among various religious traditions.celebrating our diversity, and coordinating services to the citizens of San Francisco.” Coordinating the Interfaith Winter Shelter Program in providing beds for 100 men, with meals provided by churches throughout the city, is just one of the important services they provide.

When students reach high school they have passions for sports or art programs they are involved in, join clubs with people sharing common interests, and begin to develop a strong belief system. They are eager to make a difference, support a cause, and are more likely to become fully engaged in an online fundraising initiative which supports their passions and beliefs.