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7 Steps to Launching a Monthly Giving Program

Monthly giving programs are an important part of fundraising for any nonprofit, school, church or community organization. How convenient would it be for your organization and your constituents if you had an online donations program in place where donors select a set amount to be deducted from their credit cards each month.  This is a great way for your donors to feel good about continually supporting your cause without much effort.

Monthly Giving Program

This original article was published by our friends from the Fundraising Authority. We liked it so much…we wanted to share a summary with our readers. Below is a summary of the 7 Steps Joe Garecht suggests:

  1. Create a Monthly Giving Launch Letter / Appeal:  The first step is to create a strong monthly giving appeal letter which you’ll send out via traditional snail-mail to your current donors to ask them to sign-up for your monthly giving program.
  2. Develop a Web Page for Monthly Giving: The second step of your launch is to develop a donation web page that explains your monthly giving case for support and allows people to sign-up for recurring giving.  TIP: Design this webpage AFTER you write your appeal/letter so it uses the same language and look-and-feel.  Yet, be sure to publish your website BEFORE you mail the letter so people can type in the URL to find more information.
  3. Mail Your Monthly Giving Launch Letter: Once your web page is up and has been thoroughly tested, it’s time to mail your letter.  TIP: these type of letters are much more effective in the Spring and Fall than they are in the Summer or near the holiday season.
  4. Send Out a Monthly Giving Launch E-Mail: Several days after your letter goes into the mail, send an email to your entire e-mail database informing them about the launch of your monthly giving program and giving them links to sign-up right away.  (be sure that your e-mail appeal matches the language and look of the direct mail letter and fundraising website to ensure consistent messaging)
  5. Follow Up with Phone Calls: If you have the time and the resources, following up with a personal phone call can help increase your success. If you don’t have the manpower, skip this step or just select the top 5-10%. You may want to have staff members who have built solid relationships with regular donors reach out to their personal contacts.
  6. Welcome New Monthly Donors: Your monthly giving program not only provides financial benefits to your organization, but it allows your non-profit to build stronger relationships with your donors.  Start building a relationship from the start by sending your new monthly givers a welcome letter thanking them for their support and reminding them of the benefits they receive as part of their membership.
  7. Add Monthly Giving as an Option: After you complete the launch of your monthly giving program, add monthly giving as an option to all of your fundraising materials: giving forms, donor envelopes, email announcements, newsletters, and your organization website.

Ready to Launch a Monthly Giving program?

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