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The Geneva School Servathon

High school fundraising ideas are at their best with the Geneva School Servathon on September 26, 2013. This pledge fundraising campaign speaks to the very heart of giving in which faculty, staff, parents, and students will spend one day serving local non-profits—that will be over 600 people donating over 2,500 hours in one day. “Students will personally ask family, friends, and neighbors requesting donations to sponsor their efforts.”

Fundraising Efforts

The Geneva School ServathonPersonal fundraising pages allow each participant to personalize their individual and team pages by easily uploading photos or YouTube videos which they’ll email to their community members. On this page students explain their mission, expounding upon the type of “service” they will provide, and explaining what the funding will go towards, such as new books, or building a new library.

Facebook steps into play as students, parents, staff and faculty members post their personal fundraising page, and invite their friends to fun gatherings before and after the event as an added way to get more donors involved. Each step involved in reaching out to their donors is educational for young adults, defining pledge events as wonderful high school fundraising ideas. Multiple participants can be registered together on the Geneva School Servathon website. After registering one person, the registrant is prompted to add another registration. A registrant can add 2 or more participants to a team without registering for the entire team. Their event administrators can create custom questions, and register students with less detailed information being required until later within the participant control panel. Sponsorship packages are purchased with the same user-friendly web pages which will manage their registration and purchase at the same time.

SALT – a Geneva School Servathon provides the students with the important experience of providing service to their local community. Teaching them to think of the needs of those around them is a crucial lesson, which makes having a serve-a-thon one of the greatest high school fundraising ideas. These students will serve 11 nonprofit organizations including Open Door Haiti Orphanage, Westchester Assisted Living and Feed Children Everywhere. A serve-a-thon not only provides fundraising dollars to contribute to your school’s operating budget, but also makes a positive impact on the community. Learn more about how they work and are very similar to a walk-a-thon, and find free fundraising resources for both fundraising methods.

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