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Which Fundraising Website is Right for You?

If your nonprofit is hosting any kind of fundraiser, chances are you are going to be interested in a fundraising website where your organization can share information about your cause, manage fundraising event details, and collect donations online.

Fundraising Website

Once you’ve decided on your non-profit fundraising strategy, choosing your event will certainly guide your choice.

General Features of Fundraising Websites

There isn’t just one kind of fundraising website. You need to be sure to find the right features in order to accomplish your goals. Below we outline a few of the different types of fundraising websites, hopefully providing some guidance to help you select the right type for your fundraising event. But first, what are some of the common features of good fundraising websites?

  • Secure online registration for individuals and groups
  • Product sales
  • Donation collection
  • Social media integration
  • Non-profit Crowdfunding pages
  • Strong reporting and financial tracking tools

Online Fundraising SoftwareOnline Donations Campaigns

General online donation websites: these fundraising websites are pretty straight-forward. They are a place for your nonprofit to inform people about your cause and safely collect online donations. Some additional features may include the capability for donors to make both one-time and recurring donations, as well as tribute donations “in memory” or “on behalf of” another individual. With donations websites, you’ll need administrative features such as: progress tracking, donor data and management, email capabilities, and reporting tools.

DoJiggy offers free donations websites to our payment processing clients.

Crowdfunding and Peer-to-Peer Events

Crowdfunding websites: These websites are needed for schools and organizations hosting fundraising walks or other peer-to-peer fundraising events where individual participants and teams collect online donations. These fundraising sites come with personal website pages, which give each participant the ability to upload photos and videos, make a personal statement, collect donations, share their personal fundraising page with family/friends via social media and email, and track personal progress. This type of fundraising website helps motivate and engage participants as they are able to personalize the fundraising experience. Administrators also have the capability to track participant and team progress, highlight sponsors, list event details (i.e. maps, checklists), and generate numerous reports from the central fundraising website.

Special Event Fundraisers

Event fundraising websites: If you are hosting a fundraising event such as a gala, farm to table fundraiser, fundraising carnival, or a variety of other events where people purchase tickets or register, this might be the perfect site for you. Find an event fundraising website capable of managing the entire event life cycle: event promotion and marketing, sponsor and sponsorship management, online event registration, product sales, donations, detailed financial reporting, and day-of-event operations.

Charity Golf Tournaments

Golf tournament websites: These websites are similar to event websites, but have enhanced capabilities specifically for golf tournaments. These features include: managing golfer registrations, team pairing, advanced pricing options (multi-flight), integrated volunteer capabilities, selling golf merchandise,  highlighting golf contests, showcasing sponsors, and more. Administrators are also provided with numerous reporting tools specific to charity golf tournaments.

Charity Auctions

Charity Auction Websites: if your fundraising event happens to be an online charity auction (or live auction event) an auction website is a great way to host your fundraiser. On your charity auction website you can list detailed descriptions of auction items, photos, donor information, item values, reserve amounts, bid increments and “buy now” pricing. Your auction website provides a secure way for bidders to register and safely make payments for items they win. There are also numerous reporting tools available for administrators helping to promote the event, and make the auction check-out process easier at the close of the event.

Let’s Get Started

Fundraising Websites in Action

DoJiggy provides fundraising websites for all of these types of fundraising events, along with beautiful non-profit organizational websites. Our fundraising websites are highly customizable, so the look-and-feel supports your brand. They are easy-to-use for administrators, event participants and donors. We have created the following demo websites for you to try out the functionality of our services. This will allow for a hands-on experience with our software. If you like what you see, sign up for a free 14-day trial.

Fundraising Event Types

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