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Hole In One Insurance for Charity Golf

Hole In One InsuranceIf you are hosting a charity golf tournament, golf marathon or any kind of fundraising golf event, an excellent way to excite your participants is to offer an extravagant grand prize for a Hole-in-One. Hole in One insurance can certainly help make this a reality, as grand prizes include $10,000 cash, a new car, or an exciting vacation.  What non-profit can afford to buy that?

Hosting a hole-in-one contest can help your organization create more buzz about an upcoming charity golf tournament, and becomes a great promotion for your golf tournament website, press releases, golf flyers, and more. So, now you are probably wondering how will your nonprofit be able to afford a prize like that. I guess you could “risk it” (considering it is quite rare for someone to hit a hole-in-one), but we do not recommend that! A “hole-in-one” does happen and you don’t want your nonprofit to go bankrupt paying for this grand prize. So what can you do? Here’s where Hole-in-One insurance comes in!

Companies that offer hole-in-one insurance protect the hosting organization from paying excessive fees if someone would happen to win the grand prize. Here’s how it works. Your organization pays a hole-in-one insurance provider a fee (i.e. $300). This allows the hosting organization to advertise a large Grand Prize, without being liable for paying for it if someone should win.  And, if there is a hole-in-one contest winner, the insurance company becomes fully responsible for paying out the prize.

Get a quote right on our websiteIf you are interested in HIO insurance, you can get a quote right on our website. Our experienced partners offer a variety of popular HIO insurance packages for charity golf tournaments. Their process is easy and affordable! It’s as simple as choosing a prize (or prize value), number of golfers expected at your event, and designating which par 3 hole you’ll hold the contest on.

There are plenty of additional golf tournament contests to consider as well including; Beat the Pro, Closest to the Pin, Longest Drive…and more! Golf fundraising raffles are also a fun way to reward participants with prizes and get golfers excited the day of the tournament.

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