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Study on Nonprofit Software Purchasing

If you are a software decision-maker at a nonprofit organization, sometimes it helps to know what other nonprofits are concerned with when purchasing software.  Recently, Software Advice talked to thousands of nonprofit software buyers in order to provide insight into what influences technology buying decisions. The company analyzed more than 2000 interactions with nonprofits evaluating new software that occurred during the 2013 year. The most important findings are listed below:

Key Findings

  1. Most buyers (51 percent) are evaluating nonprofit software to improve efficiency.
  2. Among buyers with a preference, the majority (96 percent) prefer Web-based systems.
  3. Fundraising and donor management is the most requested application by buyers.

What we find most interesting (and encouraging) about these results is knowing that our solutions are exactly in line with what the market demands.

Nonprofit Software


DoJiggy’s online fundraising software aims to improve efficiency and reduce resources for organizations by helping admins manage all the details of the fundraising campaign on an easy-to-use website. We provide fundraising website templates that are customizable to match the look and feel of your organization. Then we provide all the tools needed to register participants, track fundraising progress, safely collect online donations, manage sponsorships, and generate numerous reports.

Results of the study also show that buyers prefer web-based systems. Luckily, all of DoJiggy’s software solutions are web-based, meaning there is no need to install and train staff on a new software system. Everything is easily managed from your online administrative area using a secure login.

Lastly, the research shows that most inquiries were for fundraising and donor management solutions. Well, that’s ALL that we do! And each of our online fundraising software solutions were created with simplicity in mind. With our software, nonprofits manage various types of campaigns using a fundraising website with all the features relevant to your exact fundraiser!  So whether you are launching an annual donations drive, or hosting a fundraising event such as: walk-a-thon, fundraising golf tournament, online charity auction, or gala…we’ve got an affordable, web-based solution for you!

For more details about the findings of the Study, visit Software Advice.

“Nonprofit organizations mainly want applications and tools to improve the efficiency of their daily tasks needed to be performed in order to be successful. While our findings revealed nearly half of nonprofit organizations are utilizing manual methods (spreadsheets, pen and paper) for record-keeping, we also saw a substantial number prefer Cloud-based SaaS platforms. Buyers are increasingly understanding the benefits of these products and are proactively evaluating them for their organizations. This model is typically easier to deploy, and allows nonprofits to have the latest versions of great products at an affordable cost.” – Janna Fitch

Janna Finch is an analyst at Software Advice, an online resource that reviews and researches nonprofit software and technology.

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