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Trinity School Charity Golf Classic

The Trinity School Golf Classic commences tomorrow, May 2. The richness of partnerships within the Trinity School’s community has clearly defined this successful charity golf tournament, with a group of dads, board members, staff members and local businesses joining hands.

Trinity School Golf Classic“A group of Trinity fathers organized the Trinity Dad’s Network which gave the fathers of our students an opportunity to socialize and become more involved with life at Trinity School.”

“When the Dad’s were looking for a title sponsor for the school’s charity golf tournament, the Trinity Development Office with the Board of Trustees was starting the Trinity Business Partners program. The Business Partners program is a way that Trinity can reach out to the local community for support in a number of different areas. They partnered with Sandy Spring Bank as their Classic’s title sponsor and Trinity’s first Business Partner.”

The importance of strategically seeking fundraising event sponsors cannot be underestimated. Trinity School and its community planned and networked, and the time and effort resulted in an excellent sponsor with their local bank. Sponsor promotion as well as email broadcast and email template capabilities within their online golf tournament software allowed the tournament directors to easily communicate with registered sponsors, and prospective supporters. Charity golf tournaments are greatly helped by sponsorships, and sponsors benefit due to the recognition and the joy of giving back to their community.

The beauty and strength in partnerships brings a level of support and sophistication to charity golf tournaments. When parents and community members get involved, such as with the Trinity School Golf Classic, the inherent commitment they have to help their children advance educationally is powerful in impacting the bottom line in raising more funds. The cost of their tournament was offset by their diligence and a winning situation was created for all.

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