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We recently published an article discussing the 7 habits of highly effective fundraisers (originally published by The Fundraising Authority). This article gave us inspiration to look deeper into our online fundraising software solutions so that we could identify the 7 key features that contribute to increasing effectiveness in managing your fundraising event.

Online Fundraising Software
Be More Effective With Online Fundraising Software

Key Features

Below we list 7 Key Features found in each of our online fundraising software solutions that contribute to increasing effectiveness in managing your fundraising campaign.

  1. Customizable Fundraising Website: With a customizable fundraising website, you can create a fundraising page that mirrors the look and feel of your organization’s website/brand. Here you can be more effective in your planning efforts by managing all details of your fundraising campaign from one central hub. This becomes the “go-to” place to send volunteers, sponsors, participants, and the community thus creating a more efficient way of sharing information.
  2. Online Registration: Increase efficiency with online registration as participants easily register online, join teams (if applicable), make payments, and create personal fundraising pages where they can collect online donations and promote your cause (if part of a pledge fundraising campaign). No more tedious paperwork, sending checks and printing registrations via spreadsheets!
  3. Affordable Pricing: One aspect of effective fundraising is minimizing costs. DoJiggy’s pricing is affordable and easy to understand, with no hidden costs. Technical support and training are always included with your subscription helping you minimize resources, lower costs and raise more money for your cause!
  4. Management of Sponsors and Product Sales: Sponsors are key for fundraising events, often bringing in large donation amounts in exchange for an opportunity for their business to gain exposure at your event. With an integrated sponsor management system, you can allow for sponsors to easily make payments online, upload logos, company descriptions, etc. to be sure they receive the full benefits promised in your agreement! Similarly, you can easily manage product sales helping to boost revenue for your fundraiser.
  5. Integrated Payment Processing: Be more effective in your donation collection processes with fully-integrated credit card processing from Dojiggy Payments! No need to negotiate with numerous partners, your fundraising software and merchant services come from one provider offering low industry rates, no binding contracts, and nonprofits  get a FREE Donation Website with account activation.
  6. Marketing Tools (integrated email, social sharing widgets, etc.) – One important aspect of effective fundraising is spreading the word. How else are you going to attract potential participants & donors to your site? Our online fundraising software solutions offer email communication tools, and social sharing widgets so you can easily spread the word and drive traffic to your fundraising website…attracting more supporters, sponsors, media, and bringing in more online donations.
  7. Reporting Tools: In order to be determine if your fundraising campaign was a success, an organization must be able to evaluate fundraising campaigns. Reporting tools are instrumental in effective fundraising as they let you know what worked, and what didn’t. (Sample reports include: sales summary & payment details, sponsors reports, team & participant progress reports, top performers, etc.)

Now we all realize that there are many different kinds of fundraisers: walk-a-thons, charity golf tournaments, online charity auctions, various kinds of fundraising events, and general online donations drives. So you are probably wondering which software features are important for which types of fundraising campaigns. Regardless of what type of fundraiser you decide to host, many of the same features were needed in order to increase effectiveness.  Each of the features mentioned above are included in our online fundraising software solutions.

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