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How to Plan a Zumba Fundraiser

Are you looking for a unique fundraising idea? How about a Zumba fundraiser? Zumba is a fun Latin-inspired fitness dance that’s been gaining popularity in many gyms and fitness centers. Zumba fundraisers or zumba-thons can be fun and lucrative fundraising events.

Zumba Fundraiser
Benefits of a Zumba Fundraiser

There are lots of reasons to host a Zumba fundraiser.

  • It’s a fun and unique fundraising event idea for nonprofits – a great way to differentiate your fundraiser from the crowd
  • Encourages health and fitness as people exercise while raising money for your charitable cause
  • Relatively easy to plan with low overhead costs
  • The Zumba dance can be customized to satisfy a variety of age groups and fitness levels, and works for both large and small groups
  • Potential to raise a lot of money through registrations, peer-to-peer fundraising and other “add-on” activities (i.e. a fundraising raffle, silent auction, etc.)

How Do You Plan a Zumba Fundraiser?

The basic premise of a Zumba fundraiser is for an organization to host a Zumba class (or party as it is sometimes called), where the money raised goes to support a particular charity or cause. Participants pay money to participate in the event, which can last for an hour, or longer in the case of zumbathon.

A Zumba fundraiser is not too difficult to plan, in comparison to other fundraising events. In order to host a Zumba Fundraiser, you’ll want to consider the following steps:

Choose a Fun Venue

zumba fundraisersTry to host your Zumba fundraiser at a location that is free (perhaps your local YMCA, school gymnasium, church cafeteria, or even a park). If you can only find a paid location (such as a gym or dance studio) – try to negotiate for a low-cost rental. Explain the benefits the location will also receive by hosting the event there (i.e. hosting the fundraiser at their location brings new possible members to their location). You’ll want the location to have enough space for people to move around, and make sure it’s not too stuffy as there will be lots of movement! If you intend to have food, beverages or other entertainment after or during the event, a large location such as a community park may be a good choice.

Find Great Zumba Instructors

Try to find some certified Zumba instructor(s) (perhaps those who are well known within the community) who would be willing to help your cause by donating their time to teach a class.  If they lead zumba classes locally, they may be excited about the opportunity to be introduced to some new people who may want to take future classes. You may want to find multiple instructors if you intend on having a large group or hosting a zumba-thon. Be sure to ask instructors to help promote the event. They likely have students already attending their classes, and might be willing to post announcements where they currently teach and on their social media sites.

Manage Your Zumba Fundraiser with Fundraising Software

Set up a fundraising website where you can educate people about the non-profit or benefiting cause, share details about the upcoming event (i.e. date/time, instructor info, event location maps and other details: possible raffle prizes and entertainment). Your fundraising website not only shares information about your event, but also provides an easy way for people to register and/or make online donations. With all this information tracked in one place, administrators are easily able to update information, track real-time fundraising progress, communicate with participants, and generate reports.

DoJiggy’s Crowdfunding Software Makes Hosting a Zumba-thon Easy


Get a Zumba Website

Features of our crowdfunding software for Zumba-thons include:

  • Responsive design for mobile donations and registration anywhere
  • Personal Fundraising Pages for individual and team fundraising
  • Fundraising thermometers and Leaderboards display Top Teams & Individuals
  • Social Media share links encourage constituents to share your event with friends
  • Personal Control Panel allows fundraisers to manage their page, email friends and add off-line donations and pledges
  • And much more

Promote the Zumba Event Widely

In order for the event to be successful, you need people to participate and donate. Participants can be members and supporters of the non-profit organization or charity, students and faculty (especially if hosting a school fundraiser), friends and family of your supporters (who find out about the event via social media), or the general public. And donors can be virtually anyone living anywhere – you just need to send them to your fundraising website. In order to attract participants and donors, you’ll need to spread the word. Post announcements on your nonprofit website, send an event press release, send emails to your organization’s database, reach out to local businesses for sponsorship and support, and ask participants to share information with family and friends via social media and email blasts.


Here is a great example of an upcoming Zumba-Thon hosted by the Coalition for Hispanic Family Services. This fun-filled afternoon features great music, raffles, silent auctions, and food and drinks for purchase.

Contact us today to get started raising money online with a Zumba Fundraiser!


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