Environmental Fundraising – Boulder Bird Day

Environment for the Americas is holding a series of free, bird-focused programs for youth (ages 6-9) this summer. On Friday, June 27, Boulder Bird Day commences with a nature hike entitled “Birds Abound Around You” during which the children will enjoy learning about how to observe birds and discuss bird behaviors.


This special environmental fundraising event holds a second activity for the kids “Bird Identification: Getting Started” on July 12 focused on learning the basics of bird identification based on their silhouettes or beaks, along with learning how to properly use binoculars. And the third activity “Birds Around your Home: How Can You Help Birds?” will get the kids involved in making bird feeders, cleaning them and making bird-friendly glass designs for their windows.

Registration was made easy for each family via the Boulder Bird Day fundraising website. Sumptuous photos of nature were added to this site along with a full description of each Jr. Birder Program. Advertising for this unique event happened by email and the Internet presence of their beautifully designed website.

Environment for the Americas is an environmental non-profit located in Boulder. “We connect people to nature through birds and bird conservation.  As the home of the largest hemispheric celebration of birds, International Migratory Bird Day, we work from Canada to Argentina with participants of all ages.”

Environmental fundraising events can be fully managed through event management software complete with event registration and management features.  Walk-a-thons and bike-a-thons are also popular fundraising events for the environment in getting people out to see the ecologically important lands and waters they wish to protect.