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How Technology is Changing Philanthropy

Recently a study was published on Computer Science Zone – “Charity and Technology: How Tech is changing Philanthropy” We thought this article was particularly interesting to our customers and partners as we all work together to help you raise more money by bringing your charitable causes online – helping you reach more people and raise more money for your cause!

How Technology is Changing Philanthropy

Like all other areas of business and our personal life, technology changes the way we think and behave. What does this mean for philanthropy? with the internet and increasing usage of mobile devices and social platforms, it’s never been easier for nonprofits to spread awareness for their cause and safely collect donations via online fundraising websites. In fact, today 47% of Americans learn about charitable causes online!

Here are some fun facts from the study:

  • 95.4% of US households give to charity
  • Average amount given by individual in 2011 $1201
  • 1 in 5 American adults have made a charitable contribution online
  • An estimated $5 billion dollars was raised through crowdfunding in 2013

If you are a nonprofit or community organization that relies on donations to support your cause, and you have NOT yet embraced the tools available on the internet…well, now is a good time to start!  We’d love to share more about the benefits of online fundraising, and introduce you to some of our easy-to-use fundraising software solutions that will not only help you raise more awareness and money for your charity, but will also help you increase efficiency. (who wouldn’t want tools to help make their job easier)




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