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Profitable Fundraising Ideas for Schools

Whether you have a child in preschool, elementary, high school or college, you’ll know that school fundraising activities play a huge part in meeting the financial needs of educational establishments.  Coming up with new profitable fundraising ideas for schools isn’t always easy – but doing so is important, because fresh ideas grab the interest of participants and donors alike.

Here are some enjoyable school fundraising ideas that are easy to implement and profitable too!

Preschool and Elementary Level

Profitable Fundraising Ideas for SchoolsFace Painting
This is one idea that’s always a winner! A good set of face-paints, a face-painting book and a couple of creative volunteers are all that’s needed to set up a booth, which should then appear at every school event throughout the year!

You can also ask at local malls, carnivals and sporting events if you might be allowed to set up a booth there, too. Consider selling face-painting kits at your booth to bring in additional income.

Cash for Lego Pieces
Have everyone bring in their unwanted Lego pieces, which can sell for around $10/lb. It’s such a simple idea, yet one from which everyone benefits… including parents who are more than happy to declutter their homes.

Middle and High School Level

Fluffy dog in safari outfit.Dog Pageant
Everyone is proud of their pooch – so arrange a ‘doggy pageant’ (you can even ask for the dogs to be in costume). Offer prizes for first, second and third places, charge an entry fee and open the pageant to all students, their families and friends.

Make extra money by holding a bake sale to coincide with the pageant, and why not run a simple raffle too?

Flamingo Flocking
This idea really appeals to the kids’ sense of fun! Purchase around 12 weatherproof plastic pink flamingos (the brighter in color the better!). Pick a ‘victim’, such as a local business, and place the flamingos in front of their premises.

Attach your school’s contact details to the flamingos and when someone calls, offer them a choice. You will remove the flamingos for a few dollars… or they can pay a bit more and pick the next ‘victim’ for themselves!  Whenever you place your flamingos, make sure you have a visible ‘contact’ board so that interested spectators can pay to have a yard of their choice visited by your flamingos too!

NOTE: Should anyone NOT be amused by the flamingos you should, of course, remove them immediately, without charge. Usually, though, people are happy to take part once they know it’s for a good cause… and it’s a great way to get attention!

College Level

MED0001020Arts and Crafts Fair
Held in conjunction with a raffle and bake sale, an arts and crafts fair is a great way to bring in extra funds.

Invite artists from the local community to participate, and arrange contests (for 100% recycled art, for example, or a photography contest). Close the event by holding a silent auction to sell off the best pieces.

Music Festival
It may be an ambitious idea, but a musical festival can be very profitable (not to mention memorable). Invite local bands to participate (some may be happy to do so simply for the exposure, no fee required).  Have artistic students create a range of souvenirs to sell during your event (T-shirts, hats etc) and sell food and drinks throughout the festival.

Guest Post provided by Christine from All Unique Fundraising Ideas: For more ideas to raise money for schools and other non-profit organizations, visit All Unique Fundraising Ideas where we’re always thinking ‘Outside the Donation Box’!

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