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Innovative Ways for Successful Fundraising at Work

Fundraising at work can be an easy and effective way to raise money and awareness for your charity. You’re around your coworkers every day, which gives you plenty of opportunities to talk about and educate people about your mission. It can also allow you to offer easy ways for coworkers to contribute either in person or through online donations.

Here are 3 innovative ways to successfully fundraise at work

Fundraising at work1. Fundraising Showcase

Ask your supervisors for just 5 minutes during a weekly staff meeting to make a presentation about your cause.  During the presentation, show your fundraising website and share photos and videos about your mission.  Be sure to explain the impact that it has and how contributions to your cause can help make the world a better place. This is a great opportunity to educate and inspire your coworkers in regards to your mission.

Perhaps your business will want to get behind the cause and offer to “match” donations of employees. Remember businesses get tax write-offs for donating to charity and their giving back also reflects positively on how their employees and customers view them.

Following your presentation, send an email to co-workers with a link to your fundraising website. Here they can easily see your fundraising goals and how much money you’ve already raised. They can also forward the link to others, and easily make an online donation towards your cause.

2. Luncheon Fundraising Event

boxedlunchA fun way to engage coworkers with your cause is to host a luncheon event. This could be hosted at a restaurant or other venue, or it could even be hosted on-site with a boxed-lunch fundraiser.

Sell tickets to the event where the proceeds go towards your mission, or charge a nominal fee for people to attend (since ultimately lunch is provided and they also get value out of the event). You may even find a local caterer that will donate the food for a worthy cause!

Provide games and contests to generate some fun competition across departments. Hold a raffle with prizes, where the proceeds from the tickets go directly to funding your cause, and employees have a chance to win great items. You may even want to make this a monthly event.

3. Auction Fundraising

An online charity auction is a great way to raise money for your cause while creating a fun way to generate some competition amongst your co-workers! A display table featuring the auction items in your office conference room or reception area could showcase the items that coworkers would be bidding on.

If you use charity auction software, it can be very easy to setup and manage the auction. You can allow people to make online donations or select “buy now” for items they must have.  This is a fun way to generate awareness and funds for your cause, and you could even open up the bidding to friends, family, and business contacts of your coworkers. It’s also extremely convenient for event planners as they can easily track all items people have bid on, and quickly generate invoices and collect payments.

In summary: If you’re interested in fundraising at work, take a look at our online fundraising software. With our software, you can simply and easily create, setup, and manage many fundraising campaigns: from silent auctions to charity golf tournaments to an online pledge drive, our affordable solutions can help you easily plan and manage all aspects of your event!

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