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Kick Start your Fundraising Campaigns

Last year was a great success for many non-profit organizations. Through the ice bucket challenge, over $100 million was raised to fight ALS. Over $155 million was donated to fight the Ebola crisis, and many other organizations reported good success with their fundraising as well. How can you kick start your non-profit fundraising campaigns in the coming year? Here are 5 ways to help you do just that.

Kick Start your Fundraising CampaignsPay Even More Attention to Social Media

Social media has historically presented a unique opportunity for the non-profit sector. It’s given organizations an effective way to reach out to their donors, building and nurturing relationships, and communicating news and updates. Facebook has been a mainstay for the non-profit world, and will likely continue to stay as such throughout the coming year. However, other networks like Instagram and Pinterest are continuing to rapidly grow.

By researching and expanding on other networks beyond Facebook, you can expand your online reach. Pinterest and Instagram, for example, both give you a unique opportunity to share visual imagery and attract more people to your cause. Google Plus is a great way to connect with other communities and talk to your peers. These networks allow you to not just expand your reach, but make your fundraising efforts more of a success.

DoJiggy Fundraising SoftwareExpand Your Digital Fundraising Efforts

Over 11 billion searches are conducted each month on Google alone, and over 55% of Americans have social media profiles. People are spending a greater amount of time online each year. What does this mean for you?

If much of your fundraising efforts have largely taken place offline, 2015 might be the year to consider investing in online fundraising. Having an active website where donors can see news, updates, and progress towards goals can help build your donor base. Furthermore, it’s a great way to enhance your offline fundraising efforts. Many companies offer easy, simple ways to fundraise online. Dojiggy, for example, allows you to easily and quickly build a fundraising website for your campaigns. You can also securely process donations online, giving you even more ways to raise funds for your cause.

communicateCommunicate – Openly and Frequently

Donors like to understand exactly how their money is causing an impact. Communicate openly and frequently with your donors, giving updates and progress reports. Being as transparent as possible makes it easier for donors to trust in your organization, which in turn makes it easier for you to nurture those important relationships.

This year, commit to more open, transparent communication with your donors. Communicate more frequently, and show how the money raised is being used to make an impact.

Engage with Millennials
DoJiggy Crowdfunding Software

In just a few short years, Millennials will make up the largest portion of the workforce, according, to The Brookings Institute. This means they will control a large portion of funds, and can be critical to your organizations fundraising success. However, Millennials generally require different tactics in order to reach them effectively. You can have an advantage by beginning to lay the ground work on reaching this newer generation. Kick start the year by expanding your reach to include newer generations, you may find that reaching your fundraising goals will be even easier.

DoJiggy Crowdfunding SoftwareUse “Big Data” to your Advantage

Being in the digital age, data is easier to come by than ever before. Using tracking and analytics tools, like those included with DoJiggy’s fundraising software, allow you to understand your donors. Use big data to understand what your prospects and current donors are interested in, what appeals to them, and what they’re looking for. Social media also provides many valuable insights, showing what posts get the most engagement, likes, clicks, etc.

This year, clean up your database. Use the tracking tools provided by your fundraising software partner, social media, and by Google to understand and create customized experiences. Refine your message to better appeal to your audience to make your fundraising efforts a success.


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