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Ride for a Reason Bike-a-thon Crowdfunding

The 7th annual Ride for a Reason bike-a-thon from Oakland to the California Capital to support education and raise essential funds for Oakland schools is happening on March 15. Last year, 250 students, teachers, parents and community members pedaled to Sacramento to draw attention to the crisis in funding for education.

Ride for a Reason“We once had the best schools in the nation. Working together, we can proudly restore public education in California!”

How the Bike-a-thon Works

The bike-a-thon is a peer-to-peer fundraising event. Every rider creates an individual fundraising page and seeks donations and pledges for their 109-mile ride. A 45-mile ride is also in place for novice riders, families, and kids. The organizers provide SAG-wagon support, rest stops, a great lunch, transportation to the starting point for the 45-mile ride, and home from Sacramento. Every bike-a-thon participant and volunteer will gather on the Capitol steps for the call to action and rally for education.

Thus far the top fundraising participant has raised $1,700. Julia’s personal fundraising page  includes a comment section from her supporters — “Besides the donation, sending a million blessings!”….. Literacy lives! Love, Mom”. Julia’s fundraising goal shown on the the top of her page is $1,800, which looks like she may surpass. She has included some touching photos of the kids she teaches and their artwork which speaks loudly of her mission. Share buttons to social medial platforms and her personal web link make it easy for her supporters to help in spreading the word to support education during this momentous bike-a-thon.

Fundraising merchandise is also sold on the bike-a-thon crowdfunding website. This is a great fundraising strategy as it not only generates more funds for their cause, but adds excitement and empowerment towards Ride for a Reason. A beautiful and unique custom cycling jersey was designed just for the participants by Bay Area designer, Rob Brown. DeFeet Aireator cycling socks with the R4R logo around the ankle are available for purchase. Transportation to each starting point are sold as products which goes toward the cost of their event logistics. And there is a registration fee for each rider in further covering the event costs.

“After years of dis-investment, we must demonstrate to Sacramento that Prop 30 is only the beginning, and make clear that more funding, resources and support is required. Prop 30 will help, but it won’t dig us out of the very deep hole we’re in.”

A great way to securely obtain a lot of donations for your bike-a-thon event is through crowdfunding software. Participants can send out an email donation request which includes a link to the online donation page, making it very easy for potential donors to contribute. Nonprofit organizations may add a link to their online donation page of their organization’s website, and encourage participants to post links on social networking sites. It’s always fun to encourage healthy competition in motivating participants to raise more pledges by providing incentives and prizes for the best performers. For example, partner with a local bike shop to see if they would donate a brand new bike for the participant who collects the most pledges.

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