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Community Fundraising with Walk to Africa

Lighthouse Medical Missions, through their global Fundraising with Walk to Africa event on May 16, has a goal of reaching 1,000 walkers to partner with them in reaching 25,000 people in the next two years in Africa. “Through Walk To Africa we raise money to send doctors and volunteers on short-term medical relief trips, build schools, clean water projects, establish vocational schools and restore thousands of lives.”

Fundraising with Walk to Africa

 “For six years Santa Monica pediatrician Bob Hamilton refused to consider Pastor Ralph Bowen’s plea to visit Africa. He was busy with his practice and raising 6 children with his wife. Luckily for everyone involved, Bowen kept nagging.”

Dr. Hamilton and his team of volunteers with Light House Medical Missions have made 21 trips to Africa throughout 8 countries, treating 60,00 people with acute medical care. Pastors help in finding buildings to set up clinics and treat the sick. The volunteers include doctors, nurses and teenagers who want to help. Walk to Africa through online pledges helps them to return, maintaining their commitment to global fundraising. Song lyrics by Audio Adrenaline describes a volunteer’s (Dr. Albert Phillips) experience in saving a 3 month old baby:

I want to be your hands
I want to be your feet
I’ll go where you send me
I’ll go where you send me
And I try, yeah I try
To touch the world like
You touched my life
And I find my way
To be your hands

Their crowdfunding event participants include Rosey Grier and former LA Mayer Richard Riordan. Actress Patricia Heaton and her husband donated enough funds to start a 400 student elementary school. Through their successful fundraising efforts Lighthouse Medical Missions purchases medication, supplies, waterworks and wells in Africa. Mission trip fundraising has been key to their success.

“Teaming up and fundraising together lets you take an active role in the global community and fosters stronger relationships, and comradery among co-workers, friends and family. Your personal webpage is the key.”  Children 12 and under, along with their parents, are invited to participate in the Children’s Walk To Africa, walking on the first leg of the 4 & 8 mile course. “With your support we can save the lives of children in western Africa, build schools and change the face of their village forever!”

When their beloved African people were fighting Ebola, Light House Medical Missions raised $125,00 through a special campaign to send an ocean going container with food, supplies and protective equipment for the medical workers. “In 1998 the first Lighthouse team went to The Gambia, Western Africa. The needs of the people were clear immediately, but their warmth and appreciation were evident as well. This made an impact on our hearts and our relationships with the African people has kept us coming back.”

You can easily create a crowdfunding website to support your global fundraising community. Free resources for a walkathon fundraiser are available online to plan a virtual event, walk-a-thon or bike-a-thon. Whether this is your first time planning an event or you already have an established peer-to-peer event you’ll find helpful resources online.

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