Seven Outside-the-Box Ideas to Raise Money for Your School

happy-kids-with-teacher-in-school-classroom-sWhether yours is a private, parochial, or public school, one thing you all have in common is this: there’s never enough money to fund everything you’d like to accomplish. Each and every year, we can count on seeing fresh-faced youngsters at our doors selling everything from candy to wrapping paper in order to bolster their school’s budget. Door to door fundraising projects may work, but school administrators and parents are increasingly concerned at the security issues and downside these programs can bring to bear.Besides getting old and uninspiring, these door-to-door fundraising projects almost always end up in the pocketbooks of parents at the end of the day.

Sadly, it is rare to find a school that doesn’t require extra funding sources for special programs and projects that are so important to educational development. In the spirit of creative problem solving, we offer herewith seven spectacular ideas to raise money for your school that don’t involve door-to-door sales.

  1. Colorful School Fun Runs: Fun Runs and walk-a-thons are one of the best fundraising ideas for schools. Why? They encourage physical activity (rather than selling junk food), and done well, can be quite lucrative. By adding in a theme – such as a color run or superhero race where your students get to dress up, the runs are even more fun. Read the full article on organizing a fun run.
  2. Student Serve-a-thons: This community service project helps the community while raising money for your school. Each classroom or grade level commits to a project: a neighborhood park or road clean up, school mural project, or window washing andleaf raking for elderly home owners. For the month leading up to the project, students solicit donations for their school from family and friends to support their efforts. Student and classroom donations are easily tallied with our crowdfunding software and top fundraisers are rewarded.
  3. Community Garage & Bake Sale: One man’s trash is another man’s treasure, so the saying goes! Ask your students to bring used items – clothing, books, furniture, toys, and more –to the school on a Friday afternoon. On Saturday morning, host a community garage sale with the items. Another fine place to find abandoned goods is Dry Cleaners and laundry services where everything from wedding dresses to draperies can present themselves. Bake sales are dandy ideas to raise money for your schools and are best combined with a garage sale, car wash, or other school fundraising idea. And don’t forget to serve coffee and tea.
  4. Student Book Store: The idea here is to have your students open a handy school supplies store during the lunch hour. Enlist the help of local office supplies stores to get products at a discount. Sell rulers, protractors, pencils, pens, file folders, and notebooks to students who managed to forget their (fill in the blank) at home.
  5. Read-a-thons: The idea here is the same as a walk-a-thon, but the object is to see how many pages or books your students can read in a set time period. The students then use peer-to-peer fundraising software to solicit pledges and donations from friends and family for their reading efforts.
  6. Sponsorship & Advertising Sales: Your school has lots of advertising space available. Hallways, buses, gym bleachers, stadiums, the back of sport uniforms – all of these spaces have been used as advertising space. Of course, you will want to make sure that this space is not purchased by soda and junk food vendors – you can have regulations for who can sponsor your school or teams. Local car dealerships, eateries, insurance companies, and business of all kinds will likely be interested.
  7. Recycling Programs: There are numerous ways to collect cash through discarded objects. From printer cartridges, used cell phones, to soft drink cans, other people’s junk can be turned into a lucrative cash cowfor your school. Check with local recyclers and print cartridge outlets for programs and special deals in your area.

Walk-a-thons and fun runs, read-a-thons, serve-a-thons, and many of these ideas to raise money for your school can be much more successful by implementing peer-to-peer fundraising software in conjunction with your event. While it’s true that some of these events will require extra bookkeeping, the good news is the best fundraising and event management software packages have the capacity to track online sales and donations including those made with credit or debit cards. Such software is an excellent investment in the handling of the never-ending fundraising tasks schools, PTAs and booster clubs face year after year. User-friendly fundraising software can make even student-driven projects operate effectively. Try a free trial of DoJiggy’s crowdfunding software today.

Whatever your school or group chooses to do, have fun and remember that you are not only raising money, but teaching children valuable lessons in the process. Read more school fundraising ideas here.