Hosting a Successful Sporting Clays Shoot Fundraiser

Sporting Clays Shoot FundraiserDo you feel like your online fundraising events have run their course and you’re ready to try a new type of event? With over 30 million recreational shooters in the United States, sporting clays shoot fundraisers may be the perfect fit for your mission, donors and fundraising goals.

Have you ever heard of sporting clays shoot fundraisers before? They are becoming increasingly popular based on the number of individuals who shoot for recreation in fulfilling the need for increased fundraising efforts for today’s successful non-profit organizations.

DoJiggy hosts several sporting clay shoot fundraisers each year. We’ve seen the impact that successful events can have on the mission and programs of an organization. We’ve taken what we have learned and created software that will support your efforts. Organizations can use our Event management software for event registration and promotion in managing a seamless process from start to finish.

Creating a fundraiser that is both successful and fun is easier than ever. Like any well-executed online fundraising event, putting the proper planning and effort in place can make a world of difference between an event that gets better with each year and one that flops in the first.

And to make it even easier for your organization, we have created a new sporting clays shoot fundraiser template. Your organization may start with this template and easily customize it to support your sporting clays shoot fundraiser.

Sporting Clays Shoot Fundraiser Tips

Let’s make sure yours is an event that sells out year after year.

In addition to our template, we’ve put together a few critical planning tips and tricks for you so that your sporting clays shoot fundraiser is the best event yet.

Starting with the budget, how much will you need to raise and create in net proceeds in order for this event to create the financial momentum and publicity that your mission needs? Take your revenue goal and break it into categories that will eventually have action plans associated with them.

Break the revenue into selling event tickets, sponsorships and possible auction income. Remember to also include in-kind support through media, public relations, food, venue or anything else that you think you may be able to get donated. While these may not bring in actual dollars, the exposure and expense savings off-set can be a tremendous asset to any organization.

Surround Yourself with Amazing People

Your planning committee is a critical piece of success for your event. Ensure that your committee has an incredible set of active, committed and leading volunteers that will put in the work and time to help pull of a successful sporting clays shoot fundraiser.

In addition to your volunteers helping to bring in sponsorships, participants and media exposure, they are the perfect people to put together teams and create peer-to-peer camaraderie which is so important to event registration and participation.

In order to ease the entire process, DoJiggy has created peer-to-peer or crowdfunding software for sporting clays shoots. With this option, all of your shooters become fundraisers for your organization with their own personal, and team, fundraising pages.

By empowering your event registrants to share their stories and why they are raising money for your mission, these already amazing people will bring in even more amazing people to help make your event an even bigger success that you had planned. Shoot for the stars!

More Media, More Exposure

The more media coverage that you can garner for your event and mission the better. Oftentimes, non-profit organizations don’t have the budget to purchase airtime for television or radio advertising, yet many media outlets will help with in-kind support. You can reach out to your local television and radio stations and see if they have some free time during their broadcasts to have a quick chat on-air about your fundraiser.

Consider having a local media celebrity as an honorary event chair to raise the profile of the event through their media organization and social media following. They would be more than willing to send a tweet, or 50, to their supporters discussing the importance of your mission and online fundraising event.

Client stories and testimonials make for amazing videos and on-camera features that will pull at heartstrings that will lead to clay shooters pulling at their gun triggers for charity.

Event Day Bullseye

When you make it to the BIG day of your sporting clays shoot, the logistics of the event are to run smoothly and seamlessly for participants, donors and sponsors to have a phenomenal experience. Here are some key elements for an amazing event day experience:

  • The more volunteers the better. Always err on the side of having too many volunteers than not enough.
  • Give them good food. Make sure the food is tasty and presented in a way that will WOW your guests.
  • Ensure that the drinks are cold and readily available. If the event is on a hot day, plan for even more drinks to be served.
  • Create fun games that are in addition to the tournament. The more winners you have the better. Many gun clubs will be able to include a 5-stand setup, a wobble trap or a flurry.
  • Have some music playing so that it’s not a distraction, yet adds to the party like atmosphere that you want at your event. DJs may work with you on their rate to create a truly lively gig while promoting themselves.
  • Keep the mission on their minds by placing stories, pictures and inspiring client quotes throughout the online fundraising event one your website so that they remember why they’re involved.

Seamless Wrap Up

Sporting clays shoot software will help in managing your follow up, with thank you note writing being easier than you would imagine. Ensuring that your notes of gratitude are not only correct but prompt and on-time is an amazing way to leave a donor with a lasting impression of your organization. Make sure you tell them where the money raised is going and how it will help your community, sharing a story of its impact.

Free Fundraising Resources

Start a free trial of our software before committing to a purchase so that you may be certain of having the best tools for your sporting clays shoot fundraiser. And find many free fundraising resources for your online fundraising event in making it a success.