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A Golf Tournament Fundraiser for The New Frontiers School Board is held annually in June, with fifteen schools celebrating another successful school year. Golfers from each school step onto the green and pick up the clubs to raise money for their schools and show their commitment as educators, parents and community members. The long-standing golf event is very successful and here we share details that we hope can be implemented for a successful event for your school or community.

Golf Tournament Fundraiser

“We are the New Frontiers School Board. . . . with ten elementary schools, two high schools, and three adult education centers. We have a rich history and a diverse territory covering rural farmland and bustling suburbia.”

“We are more than charts and numbers, we are a community. We are adults returning to school to rewrite our future. We are kids raising money to send to Africa to help kids there get some of the opportunities we have. We are dedicated workers giving of our time to make sure students have everything they need to succeed. We are families volunteering for fundraisers and sport tournaments. We are elected officials weighing all the options and making decisions to ensure New Frontiers School Board stretches its resources to the limit.”

Golf Tournament Fundraiser Strategies

The New Frontier School District utilities several key strategies to maximize fundraising potential. These ideas will help your school to raise more money as well.

Maximize Fundraising Potential

The New Frontier School District not only charges $125 to golf, but offers many a la carte items to boost their fundraising efforts. Ride in style in an electric golf cart for an extra fee.  Join everyone at a healthy brunch for a fee to fortify your game. Engage in the networking and elegance of their dinner and cocktail hour for $60 per person. Participants have the opportunity to help their school district in educating their children with state-of-the art equipment, new books and excellent educators by joining in all of these fun activities while networking with your peers. Everyone involved meets new members of their society and finds out how they may bond together in creating a better community.

This shows that The New Frontier golf committee planned well and set specific fundraising goals. Sponsors, donors and golfers are apt to write larger checks and donate online when they know their money is going to an organization that is well organized and has a solid fundraising campaign at hand. Having a great golf committee produces a fun event and opportunities for building strong relationships with golfers and sponsors who´ll return year after year. This is The New Frontier School District´s 13th annual fundraiser and golf tournament – the proof is in the pudding.

Many schools also add a silent or live auction event to their fundraising golf tournament. DoJiggy offers travel packages that can be utilized as part of a successful golf charity auction.

Read more about golf tournament fundraising ideas on and off the golf course.

Create Competition Among Golf Tournament Foursomes

With fifteen schools in the mix the School Board had an opportunity to create competition by encouraging foursomes from each school. With an incentive for competition comes an opportunity for a more profitable charity golf tournament fundraiser. An element of excitement is added to the event with added competition from school to school. Foursomes from each school encourage more teachers, parents and community members of the various schools to register. They offered prizes for best foursomes adding a feather in the hats of the winners.

Add a Soccer Golf Tournament Fundraiser

In addition, soccer golf tickets are sold by The New Frontiers School Board for $125. Soccer golf is a new sport that is happening in Europe and finding its way into Canada and the United States. Soccer golf (or foot golf) is really a combination of soccer and golf and is played exactly as it sounds. You use your foot to kick a soccer ball into the designated hole. Foot golf holes aren’t as long as traditional golf holes, but each offers its unique challenge. While soccer golf is competitive, the primary goal is to have fun. One of the best parts of The New Frontiers School District soccer golf tournament is that it’s open to all ages and skill levels. Many people who will not golf will want to try soccer golf.

Utilize Golf Tournament Software

Utilize Golf Tournament Software

Our golf tournament software manages online registration for individual golfers and foursomes, sponsor promotion and management, and complete event management and reporting capabilities, including team pairing, and detailed order and financial reporting. The administration area provides a player database, storing registration information (name, address, phones, payment details, email, etc.), as well as email broadcast and email template capability, allowing tournament directors to easily communicate with registered players, sponsors, or prospective supporters. Golf tournament software by GolfRegistrations integrates with the industry’s leading payment processors and allows you to manage the intake of your money.

It’s a great idea to try a golf tournament website demo if you wish to test drive the functionality and services offered. This will allow for a hands-on experience of the golf software you choose.

Golf Tournament Fundraising Vision

The New Frontiers School Board has created a clear path to their overall objectives. Their golf tournament fundraiser has vision which is an element many fundraisers lack. By including fifteen schools they have created an opportunity for networking and public relations. With each opportunity for entertainment being offered amid their tournament – brunch, cocktails, dinner, foot golf and wine tasting – they are not just holding a golf tournament but running a fundraising campaign and growing their community.

The educational standard of The New Frontiers School Board is high and reflected in the level of services they offer their families. With daycare , a special needs program, adult learning centers, tuition free vocational training and more it is obvious as to why their fundraising campaign would be so comprehensive.“Parents can set their child up for success by providing all relevant information about their child (e.g. medical conditions, testing or evaluations done by outside professionals, significant changes in a family situation, etc.) to the school team. If a parent thinks their child may be experiencing difficulty, the first step is to address the concern at the school level with the child’s teachers, with the resource teacher who may be providing assistance, or with the school administrator. The school team is familiar with your child’s daily school experience. They are often the best resource to suggest specific types of intervention or follow-up with professionals, or if additional assessment of your child’s difficulties seems necessary.”

GolfRegistrations has been providing golf tournament management and registration for many years now, and we realize that many first-time tournament directors, and even the vets, need access to good tournament planning tools, budgets, templates, and golf focused services to help make their tournaments more successful. Let us know how we can help make your charity or corporate golf tournament a success.

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