Fun Run Ideas for School Fundraising

A Fun Run is a fabulous choice for a school fundraiser because competition is out of the race and fun is in! Children, teenagers and adults alike need only join with the intention of having a good time and asking for school donations.

Some schools like to introduce a theme for the run to make it even more fun and engaging for students. The largest and most successful Fun Run events being held today are easily adopted as school fundraisers. Be sure to remember your audience, as ideas that work for elementary school fundraising differ from those at the high school fundraising level.

Promoting Exercise

Kids love to run!

Various ages and fitness levels of your school crowdfunding participants may prompt you to create different registration packages. A three mile walk, a 5k run and even a one mile stroll leaves no one out of the Fun Run. Still, encouragement to exercise may be a part of your fundraising campaign, with regularly scheduled walks and opportunities for fitness held at your school and throughout its community.

Utilizing a Fun Run Website


DoJiggy’s Fun Run websites make planning and managing your fundraising event a seamless operation. Our software is designed for crowdfunding events in which students and classrooms collect donations for their school or constituents raise money for your nonprofit organization. Our flexible peer-to-peer software is capable of working with flat-rate donations as well as per unit of effort pledges based on the amount of time or laps participants run, walk or ride. You’ll easily configure your website from our Fun Run template and creatively meet your school’s specific needs. Schools love to track the top fundraisers, classrooms and participation progress right on their site. Your students or participants will learn valuable skills and have fun as they personalize their webpages and watch donations come in.

We offer a free trial to make certain you’re choosing the best Fun Run website for your cause.

What are some specific Fun Run themes?

Color Runs

Color Run Fundraisers really add the fun to Fun Runs! Coloring the white t-shirts of your runners, walkers and strollers – hey, no rush involved in this 5K race – is an electric Fun Run idea for your school. To make the paint throwing extra safe for kids, having teachers and parents do the dousing would be the best way to go about it. Squirt guns filled with food grade, non-toxic paint may be used in an array of vibrant colors. Designating certain check points along the way for painting will warn the participants that some paint is coming their way.

To build on this theme, your school Fun Run could even evolve around art and encouragement to create. Different fun booths of face painting and finger painting may be included in the after party. An art sale on your crowdfunding website would add a layer of sophistication and create another fundraising opportunity. Bring the art sale to the celebration at the end of the event, or hold one at your school a few weeks before. Get local galleries and artists involved to donate their work and offer workshops associated with your campaign.

Wild Horses Obstacle Course Fun Run

Including an Obstacle course as part of your Fun Run could really make for an exciting event. The course includes a 5K race / walk-a-thon in addition to hurdling obstacles like walls, teeter-totters, tunnels, balance beams, a cargo climb and a mud pit. Physical education teachers get involved in training kids ahead of the crowdfunding event as a fun way to get fit and prepare for the fundraiser. Separate courses may be designed for elementary and high school or middle school participants to match their fitness level and make for more fun.

Inflatable obstacle courses are another school Fun Run option, especially for the little ones. Adding a ‘Jumping Jack Flash’ station and a slide may serve in meeting the needs of all ages. The climate of your area and the season during which you choose to hold your fundraiser are considerations as well. Obstacle courses held indoors with the inclusion of an indoor track are cool too.

A fun theme that works well with an obstacle course is a cave person theme. Serving turkey legs is popular at such events, given that everyone will be rolling around in the mud and looking like dirt covered cave people. Or ask your kids who their favorite super heroes are and have some of the parents serve healthy foods and beverages in these costumes.

Team-building plays a role especially in an obstacle course Fun Run as team members help each other through the course. Crawling under fences, scaling walls and swinging on monkey bars is made a little easier when team members get some help, encouraging each other to get fit, exercise together and breeze through the course. They’ll have fun creating their own team theme and differentiating themselves with t-shirts – Team Wonder Woman, Team Spiderman…

Satisfaction by Chocolate School Fun Run

Having the reward of chocolate at the end of the Fun Run is another highly popular theme. Hot chocolate at a wintertime 5K is enticing to its participants, and it still promotes fitness. All ages enjoy chocolate and can understand its place in pleasure. How about featuring a local chocolate company or one that gives to charity with a portion of their sales, or one who promotes environmentalism? Adding an element of the greater good to your school fundraising campaign teaches your children and community members so many levels of responsibility. Chocolate would be just a part of how rewarding this type of event would be.

Time is on My Side Holiday Fun Run

Holiday crowdfunding events are among the top 10 most popular, and organizing a Fun Run over Christmas or Thanksgiving brings communities together to help their school. A Turkey Trot may become a great holiday tradition for your school. Families and sponsors will get involved in your 5k race on Thanksgiving day or weekend to wear their best costumes and jog, walk or trot to benefit their school children. A Tofurky trot is in the running too.

One of the largest 5k holiday races is held at Christmastime. Schools coordinating their Fun Run at this time of year may focus on serving their community of nursing homes and homeless shelters. Crowdfunding teams start at Thanksgiving by offering service to their community organizations in need in volunteering their time and hearts. Holding their run on Christmas Eve while opening their after party to feed their community members in need would be to join in the true spirit of giving.

Be sure to read more on organizing a Fun Run and school fundraising ideas to get your campaign started. You can join in one of the biggest, healthiest crazes in fundraising to help your school in meeting its vital fundraising goals without the need for unhealthy candy or product sales.

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